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Body Parts Spelling List

The human body is a weekly theme used in our elementary spelling lists. Below you will find the human body parts spelling list for 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th grade.

Grade 2 Human Body Words

Week 14 focuses on words of the head and face. Here is the body parts spelling list for 2nd grade:

  1. head
  2. face
  3. eye
  4. eyes
  5. nose
  6. cheek
  7. mouth
  8. tooth
  9. teeth
  10. ears

Review Words

Here are the optional review words, or previously learned head and face type words. They were learned in first grade. You can include them as a review in this weeks spelling if you wish to do so.

Our next theme in week 15 of 2nd grade is “Bread”.

Here’s the master list of these second grade spelling words where you can download a .pdf of all 36 weeks.

Grade 3 Body Parts Spelling List

Here is the body parts spelling list for 3rd grade:

  1. neck
  2. chest
  3. arms
  4. hand
  5. fingers
  6. thumb
  7. back
  8. legs
  9. foot
  10. feet
  11. skin
  12. bones

The theme of next week’s spelling words is “Medical”.

Here’s the master list where you can download and print all 36 weeks of the grade 3 themed spelling words.

Grade 4 Human Body Words

The body parts spelling list for 4th grade is:

  1. bitter
  2. body
  3. cells
  4. germ
  5. hearing
  6. human
  7. salty
  8. sense
  9. shoulder
  10. sight
  11. smell
  12. taste
  13. touch
  14. vision

The theme of the next spelling week is “Pizza”.

Here’s the master list of all 36 weeks of themed Grade 4 spelling words, where you can print yourself a copy if you wish to do so.

Grade 5 Human Body Words

The 5th grade body parts spelling list is:

  1. ankle
  2. artery
  3. bladder
  4. blood
  5. circulatory
  6. elbow
  7. jaw
  8. kidney
  9. knee
  10. knuckle
  11. muscle
  12. organ
  13. vein
  14. vessel
  15. wrist

Next week’s spelling theme is “Birds”.

To print the complete spelling list of all 36 themed weeks, see Grade 5 spelling words.

Grade 6 Human Body Words

The human body spelling words for 6th grade is:

  1. brain
  2. breath
  3. breathe
  4. carbon
  5. digestion
  6. dioxide
  7. esophagus
  8. intestine
  9. lungs
  10. nerves
  11. nervous
  12. oxygen
  13. skeleton
  14. skull
  15. stomach
  16. tongue

Here is the link for the complete list of grade 6 spelling words where you can print off a copy containing all 36 weeks.

Optional Human Body Learning Activities

If french is a subject in your homeschool, you might be interested in my lesson plan for learning human body part vocabulary, in french.