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5th Grade Spelling Worksheets

I am working hard to create word puzzles and activities to go along with these 5th grade spelling words.  Here is an up to date list of what is currently available.

The spelling activities for 5th graders are all free to download and print.

Week 1 – Back to School

Week 15 – Winter

Week 26 – Weather

Week 29 – Water

Week 31 – Shapes

Week 32 – Space

Week 35 – Fruit

Week 36 – Vacation

Back to School Word Search – 5th Grade

Welcome 5th grade students back to class with this free printable back to school word search. A word search for kids is a great first day of school activity. If your student is in a different elementary grade, see these back to school word searches for earlier grades, or this 6th grade puzzle. This printable …

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Water Cycle Crossword Puzzle

This water cycle crossword puzzle would make a fun science vocabulary worksheet. It’s ideal for middle school or high school students learning about the water cycle in science class. Students are given the definition of 24 water cycle themed words to solve. The printable pdf of the crossword puzzle is free to download and print. …

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Disney Movies Cryptograms

Here are 5 printable Disney movies themed cryptograms for kids. This type of word puzzle can be one of the more challenging type of puzzles, however I’ve tried to make this as beginner friendly as possible. The easy cryptogram puzzles are probably most suitable for 4th grade students and older. About These Cryptogram Puzzles There …

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