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Grade 3 Spelling Words

These Grade 3 spelling words are grouped into themed weekly lists. This will help make spelling a little more fun for your third grader.

The 36 weekly spelling lists are free to download and print.

There is also a growing collection of printable spelling worksheets and activities that go along with the words of the week.

A grade 3 spelling words pdf. 36 weeks of themed grade 3 spelling words. Dogs, baseball, and fruit are some of the themes that help put the fun into 3rd grade spelling.  Of the 432 words, 178 of them are Fry words.  52 of the words are Dolch words.

Themed Spelling Lists

In an effort to make learning to spell a more enjoyable experience for children, I’ve created these themed spelling lists.

As each week has a different theme, no spelling week will feel the same, helping alleviate boredom.

They also allow for more opportunities to use the words in its correct context which helps build vocabulary connections.

For example, the theme of one week is “Baseball”. You might decide to incorporate different baseball learning activities during that week. The words will then be very familiar to the child and have meaning to them, as opposed to just random words they have to learn.

Another weeks theme is “Fairy Tales”. This might be a good week to focus on reading a few fairy tales. When the child is having a lot of exposure seeing and reading the same words, it will make learning to spell them that much easier.

36 Weekly Spelling Themes

There are 36 weekly spelling themes for these grade 3 spelling words. They are listed below.

Some themes below are linked to the weekly spelling list.

  1. Back to School
  2. Silent Consonants
  3. Y as a Vowel
  4. Plural Nouns
  5. Animals
  6. Disney Movies
  7. Dogs
  8. Contractions: To Be
  9. Mixed Bag of Words
  10. Numbers
  11. Shopping & Money
  12. Fairy Tales
  13. Music
  14. Today & Tomorrow
  15. Winter
  16. Human Body
  17. Medical
  18. Contractions: Not
  19. Contractions
  20. Clocks
  21. Clothes
  22. Vacation
  23. House
  24. Family & Chores
  25. Manners & Greetings
  26. Baseball
  27. Outer Space
  28. Shapes
  29. Math
  30. Trees & Nature
  31. Colors
  32. Gardening
  33. Fruit
  34. Fruit Adjectives
  35. Homophones
  36. Summer

About these 3rd Grade Spelling Words

  • 36 weeks of words
  • 12 words per week
  • Of the 432 words, 180 of them are Fry words. 52 of the words are Dolch words.
  • So by the end of third grade, including the first and second grade words, your child will have learned the spellings of 589 Fry words + 563 additional words. 286 of the words learned will have been Dolch words.
  • spelling lists are secular

Printable 3rd Grade Spelling Words

The themed lists of grade 3 spelling words can be downloaded free below. It’s a 6 page printable pdf.

3rd Grade Spelling Worksheets

Here is a growing collection of 3rd grade worksheets and activities to go along with the weekly spelling lists:

Week 1 – Back to School

Week 2 – Silent Consonants

Week 10 – Numbers

Week 15 – Winter

Week 22 – Vacation

Week 26 – Baseball

Week 32 – Gardening

Week 33 – Fruit

Week 36 – Summer

More Elementary Spelling Lists

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