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Family Words

Family words are one of our weekly spelling themes in Grades 2, 3, 4 and 6. The family themed spelling lists for each of these grades can be found below.

Grade 2 Family Words

Family is the theme of week 12 in the Grade 2 Spelling Words list. Here are this week’s words:

  1. father
  2. mother
  3. brother
  4. sister
  5. child
  6. baby
  7. son
  8. twin
  9. boy
  10. girl

Grade 1 Review Words

Here are the optional review words, or words previously learned, that are also family words. If desired, you can include them as a review in this weeks spelling.

The next week’s theme is “Long O Sound Words” in week 13.

Grade 3 Words

In week 24 of grade 3, the theme is “Family & Chores”. Here are the family words of this week:

  1. family
  2. children
  3. parent
  4. aunt
  5. uncle

The chore words of this week are:

  1. clean
  2. room
  3. sweep
  4. floor
  5. clear
  6. table
  7. chart

The next week’s spelling theme is “Manners and Greetings”.

If you wish you can download a .pdf of the spelling lists of all 36 third grade weekly themes at Grade 3 Spelling Words.

Grade 4 Words

Family is the theme of week 13 in our 4th grade themed spelling words. Here is the family themed spelling list of this week:

  1. cousin
  2. daughter
  3. families
  4. grandfather
  5. grandmother
  6. grandparents
  7. grandson
  8. husband
  9. nephew
  10. niece
  11. siblings
  12. sister-in-law
  13. visit
  14. wife

Here is a fun printable spelling activity that uses these family words. It’s a printable fill in puzzle.

See Grade 4 Spelling Words if you want a printable copy of all 36 themed weekly spelling words.

The theme of next week is “Baking”.

Grade 6 Words

Here is the family themed spelling list of 6th grade:

  1. adoption
  2. ancestor
  3. custody
  4. descendant
  5. generation
  6. genes
  7. granddaughter
  8. heritage
  9. inheritance
  10. maternal
  11. offspring
  12. orphan
  13. paternal
  14. related
  15. relationship
  16. relatives

Here is the link for the master list of grade 6 spelling words where you can get a printable copy.