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Welcome kids back to class with free printable back to school activities and worksheets.

Teachers and homeschooling parents, download printable school themed word puzzles for elementary kids in grades 2 thru 6.

At the beginning of the school year, when nerves and adrenaline might be higher than usual, a word puzzle is a relaxing activity to ease into the school year.

It gives the student a few minutes of quiet downtime to calm their nerves and get lost in the enjoyment and relaxing nature of doing a puzzle.

Back to school word puzzles are also a fun way to work on spelling in a low-key fun way.

Below, you’ll find a variety of back to school word searches, crossword puzzles, word scrambles, and fill in puzzles.

The pdf of each puzzle can be downloaded free and always includes answer sheets.

A Big List of School Words from A to Z

Welcome the new school year with this list of over 180 school words. There’s school vocabulary words grouped alphabetically and by theme. There’s school terms grouped by: A to Z school supplies school subjects Click on the following link if you’re looking for school spelling words. School Words from A – Z First, here is …

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Back to School Word Search – 5th Grade

Welcome 5th grade students back to class with this free printable back to school word search. A word search for kids is a great first day of school activity. If your student is in a different elementary grade, see these back to school word searches for earlier grades, or this 6th grade puzzle. This printable …

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