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Difficult Back to School Word Search

Challenge elementary aged students with this difficult back to school word search.

The puzzle is free to download and print.

The word search is most suited for elementary kids in grades 3 to 6 who can handle a tougher level of difficulty.

If you prefer a different level, check out these back to school word searches for kids 4th grade and younger, or this 5th grade or 6th grade puzzle.

screenshot of a back to school word search puzzle with 35 hidden words

A word search for kids is a great way to work on spelling right off the back, but in a fun, low key way. While they are hunting for each word, they will be focusing on the individual letters that make up a word.

Back to School Words

This hard level word search has 35 hidden words for kids to find and circle. The words can be found in every possible direction: forwards, backwards, upside down – horizontally, vertically and diagonally.

There are school words like:

  • school, teacher, students, learn, subjects, grades, homework, recess, elementary

School subjects:

  • Art, Drama, English, Geography, Health, History, Language Arts, Math, Music, Physical Education, Social Studies, Spelling, Science

Other things kids learn in school:

  • alphabet, numbers, reading, writing

School supplies:

  • backpack, books, crayons, pencil, scissors

Things you might see at school:

  • classroom, desk, friends, library

Free Printable Word Search

The challenging back to school word search puzzle can be downloaded free below. The pdf comes with an answer sheet.

More Back to School Printables

Here are some more free printable back to school word puzzles:

Answer Key

Here is the answer key for this back to school word search:

answer key for difficult back to school word search

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