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Letter H Sound Worksheets

Enjoy these free printable letter H sound worksheets

The alphabet worksheets are ideal for preschool, kindergarten, and 1st grade students working on letter sound recognition.

You can download and print a free copy of:

  • A beginning sound coloring worksheet
  • A phonics worksheet where kids need to identify the syllable that has an /h/ sound

Letter H Beginning Sound Worksheet

The first letter H activity is a fun coloring page. It’s perfect for preschool and kindergarten children.

The alphabet coloring worksheet has 34 images of various objects. The initial sound of 21 of the objects is the letter H sound.

Kids will look at each image, sound the word out, and color the items that begin with an H sound.  

Young learners only need some crayons to color the hat, horse, honey, and hamburger.

A printable letter H beginning sound worksheet for kindergarten students. The letter H coloring page has 34 pictures. 21 items start with an H sound for kids to color.

Letter H Phonics Worksheet

The next alphabet worksheet will give kids extra practice with the H sound. It will have medial /h/ words and initial /h/ words. In other words, the letter H sound could be anywhere in the word.

The printable is ideal for 1st graders to learn or review the letter sound.

A printable letter H sound worksheet for 1st grade students. There are 12 black and white images of items, and kids need to sound each word out and identify which syllables contain an H sound. Kids will mark an X in the box representing that syllable. There is an image of a beehive, hula hoop, dollhouse, grasshopper, lighthouse, hedgehog, fire hydrant, seahorse, forehead, neighborhood, fishhook, and doghouse.

Kids will identify which syllable (or syllables) in each word contains an H sound. 

For example, children will be shown an image of a hula hoop. Underneath the image will be 3 boxes, each representing a syllable.

They will need to sound the word out and decide in which syllable(s) they hear an H sound. Kids might find it helpful to clap while saying each syllable.


Since there is an H sound in the 1st and 3rd syllable, kids will put an X in the 1st and 3rd boxes below its image.  

Printable Letter H Sound Worksheets

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The PDF is 3 pages. It includes both of the worksheets and a page with the answers.

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Answer Keys

Here are the answer keys for these letter H sound worksheets. The answers are also included in the PDF.

H Beginning Sound Worksheet Answer Key

The answer key for the beginning sound worksheet:

The answer key for a printable letter H beginning sound worksheet. It shows which of the 34 images should be colored as they start with a letter H sound. Kids need to color the image of a hat, hot air balloon, helicopter, horse, house, hockey, hospital, heart, hot dog, hay, helmet, hamster, hippo, hamburger, hand, hammer, harp, ham, hose, hot chocolate, and honey.

There are 21 pictures that should be colored:

  1. hat
  2. hot air balloon
  3. helicopter
  4. horse
  5. house
  6. hockey
  7. hospital
  8. heart
  9. hot dog
  10. hay
  11. helmet
  12. hamster
  13. hippo
  14. hamburger
  15. hand
  16. hammer
  17. honey
  18. ham
  19. harp
  20. hose
  21. hot chocolate

Letter H Phonics Worksheet Answer Key

And the answer key for the letter H phonics worksheet:

The answer key for a printable letter H phonics worksheet. It shows which syllables in certain words have an H sound. Kids need to put X's in the box that represents those syllables. There should be an X in the 2nd box of beehive, dollhouse, grasshopper, lighthouse, seahorse, forehead, fishhook, and dog house; the 1st and 2nd box of hedgehog; and the 3rd box of neighborhood.

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