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4th Grade Spelling Worksheets

Here is an up to date list of the printable spelling activities and word puzzles that go along with these 4th grade spelling words:

Week 1 – Back to School

Week 5 – Mail & Letters

Week 13 – Family

Week 15 – Disney Movies

Week 17 – Books

Week 19 – Africa

Week 21 – Pizza

Week 23 – Fairy Tales

Week 34 – Insects & Flowers

Week 35 – Ocean

Week 36 – Summer

Here is a fun printable family themed fill in word puzzle. The words of the puzzle are the names of family members. Words like nephew, niece, daughter, and grandparent. It’s a fun spelling activity for kids. Challenge your upper elementary or older child to fit all the family words in the puzzle. The puzzle is …

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Here is a free printable book themed crossword puzzle for kids. A crossword puzzle is a fun way to build vocabulary. This word puzzle is a perfect vocabulary and spelling activity for elementary students 4th grade older. There are 2 versions of the puzzle to choose from. There’s a version with and without a word bank. It is …

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