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Grade 3 Spelling Activities

Below you will find a growing collection of free printable word puzzles, activities and worksheets that go along with these 3rd grade spelling words:

Week 1 – Back to School

Week 2 – Silent Consonants

Week 4 – Plural Nouns

Week 7 – Dogs

Week 10 – Numbers

There’s a variety of worksheets to help kids learn the number names 11 – 20:

  • draw a line to match the number word to its number in digits worksheet
  • word search
  • word maze
  • word scramble
  • crossword puzzle

Week 15 – Winter

Week 22 – Vacation

Week 26 – Baseball

Week 32 – Gardening

Week 33 – Fruit

Week 36 – Summer

You can see more 3rd grade spelling activities below.

Summer Crossword Puzzles For Kids

Here are some free printable summer crossword puzzles for kids. They are perfect for elementary aged students around 2nd to 4th grade. Older students around 6th grade can try this summer crossword puzzle. Crossword puzzles are a fun way for kids to work on vocabulary or to practice some spelling. Each of the printable puzzles …

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