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Summer Crossword Puzzles For Kids

Crossword puzzles are a fun way for kids to work on vocabulary or to practice some spelling. Here are some free printable summer crossword puzzles for kids.

Sneak in some vocabulary or spelling learning this summer with this free printable summer crossword puzzle for kids.  Words are at a grade 2 spelling level.

This first crossword puzzle is at a grade 2 level. The answers are the spelling words from the summer themed spelling week of these grade 2 spelling words.

Free printable summer crossword puzzles for kids at a grade 2, 3, and 4 spelling level.

The second one uses the summer themed grade 3 spelling words.

And this last one uses the summer themed grade 4 spelling words.

You can download these free crossword puzzles below. The answers are included.

Learning With Crossword Puzzles

These crossword puzzles are a fun way to sneak in some summer learning. I love giving them to my daughter as they allow for both vocabulary and spelling to be practiced.

I tell her to try her best and answer the ones she can. Often times I’ll hear “How do you spell….?” I’m ok with her asking and usually I’ll just guide her in sounding it out.

When she’s answered all the easier ones, I will then give her the summer spelling words the crossword is based on.

I always get her to begin by reading the spelling words out loud. This accomplishes two things. First it ensures that she knows what all the words are. And second, it is a help in learning the spellings of the words. The more she is looking at the words and working with them, the easier it will be to remember how to spell them.

Vocabulary is worked on as she’s matching the definitions of the crossword clues to the correct words. Spelling is further practiced as she’s looking at a word on the spelling list, saying the letters in her head, and copying them out on the crossword puzzle.

A lot of learning going on and it’s disguised as a crossword puzzle.

You can download these free summer crossword puzzles for kids below.