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Tree Valley Academy provides secular educational resources for homeschooling parents or teachers of elementary aged children. 

Math, spelling, and word puzzles are the most frequent topics. The goal is always to make learning fun!

You will find a lot of free printables here. My printables are usually in black and white to make it more economical to print. Children can color the images that decorate the page if they wish.

Our Homeschool

Tree Valley Academy is the name we have given to our homeschool.  We live in the country in an area filled with forests, valleys and lakes so I thought the name was fitting.

We’ve included learning as a part of our daily way of life since babyhood, so homeschooling has very naturally suited us.

My daughter was homeschooled in grades 1, 2, 4, 5, 6 & 7. She went to a french public school in kindergarten & grade 3. This year 2023/2024 we will be homeschooling 8th grade.

Meet the Tree Valley Academy Team

About Melanie Thomas


Hi there! My name is Melanie Thomas. I’m a single mom, homeschooling my 13 yr old daughter.

I love being a mom, it’s the most rewarding job there is.

I’m very left brained and have loved and excelled at math since I was very little. I was the kid that read books on math tricks, and did geometry workbooks for fun. Mental math is sort of a hobby.

I was homeschooled as a child and developed a real love for learning. I went to school to become a Massage Therapist and a Nutritional Consultant.

I love everything about dance, hanging out with my best friend, camping, nature, summer, the beach, reading and doing logic and word puzzles.

About Carmen Harmel


Carmen Harmel is a grandmother who previously homeschooled her 2 children, and now helps to homeschool her granddaughter. She works as a registered nurse.

About my daughter

She’s a smart kid, that does well in her school work, but would choose to do no school work ever if that was an option.


My daughter currently loves online games like Roblox & Minecraft. She’s a little bit obsessed and would play in the virtual world all her waking hours if I allowed it.

This is one area I hope to lessen a great deal, and my current challenge. However since she’s an only child, and this is the only way she can play with her friends lately, it’s very hard to keep a lower limit.

She is trying to teach herself how to code and create online games.


She loves animals and thinks every animal (even a bug) is the cutest thing ever. She loves watching any type of animal show and knows quite a bit about different animals..


She loves singing and creating her own songs.


Although she doesn’t share the same love of math that I have, it is a subject she does really well in and probably averages about 98%. She’s quick to see the pattern in numbers and will come up with her own math tricks to solve things. We’ll be doing 8th grade math this year.


I feel naturally she has a talent for drawing and arts and crafts, and I hope to develop this talent. She enjoys drawing (especially on a computer or iPad). She loves taking drawing classes and watching drawing video’s on Youtube. Lately she is focused drawing the human body, anime style.


She doesn’t like to read too much and reads only because I tell her to, but I still hope to be able to encourage and foster a love for reading with her.


She loves science, and I feel would excel in this area if I, her non-science mother, can manage to do this subject justice.

She didn’t like science in public school because it was just reading and doing work in a workbook. She prefers more hands-on experiments.

She will be doing 8th grade science this year.


When she was younger, she was the most social kid that made friends very easily. It’s this characteristic that helped her to learn to speak French. She had asked me many times to let her to have her own YouTube channel. But as she’s growing into an almost teen, she is much more reserved with people she doesn’t know.

Tactile Sensitivity

One thing I have discovered is that she has tactile sensitivity.

She has never liked to touch paper when writing, and often pulls her sleeve over her hand so she doesn’t have to touch the paper too much. I always thought it was a phase and that she would grow out of it, so tried not to make a big deal out of it. But I recently learned it is actually a thing. Now that I’m aware of it, I will be doing more research to learn how to help her with this.

After, discovering this issue, a few other things started to make more sense. Like the fact that she never has liked her hair being brushed, or has always complained about different textures or tags with clothing. Or how she refuses to touch the dirty part of a dish or use her fingers to help with rinsing her own dirty dishes after eating.