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Grade 2 Spelling Words

These themed Grade 2 spelling words will help make spelling a little more interesting for your second grader.

A free printable pdf of the 2nd grade spelling words can be downloaded below. 

There are 36 weekly spelling lists with 10 second grade words per list.

A grade 2 spelling words pdf. 36 weeks of themed grade 2 spelling words. Fairy Tales, Apples, and The Human Body are some of the themes that help put the fun into 2nd grade spelling.

Themed Spelling Lists

Instead of learning a random list of words, themes help make things a little bit more exciting.

It also allows for the possibility of incorporating other forms of learning using the weeks’ theme. For example:

  • reading children’s books that would go along with the weekly theme
  • different writing activities (stories, postcards, recipes, etc.)

This can make for easier learning when the child is reading and using the words in other ways.

36 Weekly Spelling Themes

Here are the 36 weekly spelling themes for these 2nd grade spelling words.

Some of the themes below are linked to the weekly spelling list that you can view online.

  1. Back to School
  2. ER, IR & OR (R Controlled Vowels)
  3. Long E Sound
  4. Long I Sound
  5. Math
  6. Numbers
  7. Long A Sound
  8. Time
  9. Hard C / Soft C
  10. Apples
  11. _ILD, _OLT, _OLD & _UST
  12. Family
  13. Long O Sound
  14. Human Body – The Face
  15. Bread
  16. AR & UR (R Controlled Vowels)
  17. Disney Movies
  18. Letters / Cards
  19. Transportation
  20. Hard G / Soft G
  21. Books
  22. Long U Sound
  23. Colors
  24. Fairy Tales
  25. Vacation
  26. The Three Little Pigs
  27. Weather
  28. The Sky
  29. Money
  30. Birds
  31. _IND & _OST
  32. Chores
  33. Shopping
  34. Pond
  35. Farm
  36. Summer

About these Grade 2 Spelling Words

These themed word lists are a great resource for teachers, students and parents teaching their children at home.

  • themed weekly list for 36 weeks
  • english words are at a grade 2 level
  • 10 words per week
  • Of the 360 words, 237 of them are Fry words. 96 of the words are Dolch words.
  • If you add the 174 Fry words from the first grade spelling words, it means by the end of the second grade, your student will have learned the spellings of 411 Fry words + 269 additional words.
  • spelling lists are secular

Printable Grade 2 Spelling Words pdf

You can download a printable pdf of the 2nd grade master spelling list below, completely free.

2nd Grade Spelling Worksheets

New spelling games, word puzzles and worksheets to go along with these spelling words are continually being added. Here is the link where you can see a list of all the 2nd grade spelling activities to date.

There are also 2nd grade dictation sentences for all 36 weeks.

Lesson plans to go along with the words are in the process of being created. Currently there’s a lesson plan available for:

Spelling Words for Other Elementary Grades

Are you’re looking for spelling lists for another grade? Here are spelling word lists for other elementary grade levels:

In the works is spelling curriculum that uses these weekly words.


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Thursday 5th of October 2023

Save me a lot of time

Darl and Matthew

Wednesday 18th of January 2023

Thank you for sharing!my son learned a lot and we both enjoy our spelling bee..not to get him bored we both do😍


Monday 18th of October 2021

Exciting activities, thank you for sharing. God bless!!!


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Can i get small sentences of grade 2 for my child which is in grade 2