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Here are 6 fun printable Earth Day activities for kids.  They are all free to download and print.

Kids of All Ages

  1. Earth Day bookmarks coloring page

Easy Word Puzzles for 1st or 2nd Grade

  1. Earth Day printable crossword games
  2. a beginner level word search that once solved will reveal a mystery message
  3. another easy Earth Day word search

Word Puzzles for Upper Elementary or Middle School

  1. a medium to difficult Earth Day word search
  2. Earth Day fill in word puzzle with 35 words to fit in the puzzle

Here is about a weeks worth of fun Earth Day lesson plans and printable Earth Day activities for elementary students around 1st or 2nd grade. There are: Kids will learn Earth Day vocabulary, and to read, write, and spell 35 Earth Day words. These printable save planet earth word puzzles and games will make learning …

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