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Grade 6 Spelling Words

Here are the grade 6 spelling words that use weekly themes in the goal of making spelling more enjoyable.

You can download a printable .pdf below.

Grade 6 spelling words pdf. 36 weeks of themed grade 6 spelling words. Earth Day, friendship, family, and government are some of the themes that help add some fun into 6th grade spelling.  #spelling #grade6 #treevalleyacademy

Spelling Lists With Weekly Themes

The grade 6 spelling words have 36 weekly themes. They are:

  1. Back to School
  2. Silent Consonants
  3. Natural Disasters
  4. Science
  5. Money
  6. Government
  7. Time
  8. Human Body
  9. IE / EI Words
  10. Tricky Words
  11. Communication & Movies
  12. Shopping
  13. Animals
  14. Family
  15. Winter & Weather
  16. Nutrition & Food
  17. Jobs
  18. In The Kitchen
  19. Eating Out
  20. Mixed Bag of Words
  21. Science 2
  22. Colors & Art
  23. Emotions & Qualities
  24. Words
  25. Books
  26. Mixed Bag of Words 2
  27. Geometry
  28. Earth Day
  29. Sports
  30. Law
  31. Mixed Bag of Words 3
  32. Space
  33. House
  34. Medical
  35. Friendship
  36. Summer

About These Grade 6 Spelling Words

There are 36 weeks of words, 16 words per week.

Of the 576 words, 96 of them are Fry words, and only 1 of them is a Dolch word.

By the end of 6th grade (having previously completed the spelling lists of grade 1 thru 5), your child will have learned the spellings of almost all 1000 Fry words and nearly all of the Dolch words, plus of course many other words.

Secular Spelling Lists

I say “nearly” and “almost” because these spelling lists are completely secular. So any words that were in any way religious were not used in these spelling lists.

Since everyone has different religious beliefs, please feel free to add whichever religious words are important to your student. The Fry words that were not included in these themed elementary spelling lists are: “God” and “church”. The Dolch nouns that were not used are “Christmas” and “Santa Claus”.

The themed lists of grade 6 spelling words can be downloaded free below.

Here are the spelling words for the other grades:

Multiplication Color By Number - United States
Winter Word Search Grade 3. Free printable winter themed 3rd grade word search with answers included. A fun educational activity for a cold day. #winter #grade3 #wordsearch #winterwords #treevalleyacademy
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Monday 5th of October 2020

Can i have also a full copy of 36 weeks of sight words for grade 6? I am trying to download and copy it here by week but only few are available (those only highlighted words list). Is it free? I am very much thankful if I have them all.


Monday 14th of September 2020

Hi Melanie, this is so so helpful. I'm a first time homeschool mama. I'd love a full copy of the grade 6 spelling words by week! Thank you so much :)

Melanie Thomas

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