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Multiplication Color By Number – United States

Looking for a multiplication color by number worksheet?

How about a coloring activity where kids can brush up on some geography at the same time?

I have for you a coloring worksheet that combines learning the states of the United States with practicing multiplication facts.

A color by number multiplication activity for kids that combines math, geography and art. Kids practice their multiplication and learn the names of the states in this coloring worksheet.  #mathart #multiplication #colorbynumber #geography #unitedstates #USA #treevalleyacademy

How It Works

There’s a .pdf that you can download below completely free, that has a list of all 50 states. Beside each state name is a multiplication question. For example, beside the state “Indiana” is the question 9 X 9.


So the first step is to solve the multiplication question.

Once the kids know the answer, they look at the legend to see which color goes with the number. In this case, they would see that the number 81 is pink.


Next they look at their map of United States and they need to locate the state of Indiana.


Once they’ve located Indiana, they color it pink, the color they’ve previously determined from doing the math.

If they get all the multiplication questions correct, the map will be coloured like this:

A colored map of United States.  A color by number multiplication activity for kids that combines math, geography and art. #mathart #multiplication #colorbynumber #geography #unitedstates #USA #treevalleyacademy

What You’ll Need

Kids will need 3 things:

  1. 10 colored pencil crayons
  2. a printable map of United States
  3. the multiplication color by number worksheet

How to Print A Map of the USA

My favourite place to download free printable maps for geography is at You can choose between a map with or without state names.

Easier Version: Map With State Names

If your child is just beginning to learn where the states are, you might wish to use a map that already has the state names on it. It’s the easier version but still a great way to learn as they have to search the map to find each of the states.

More Challenging Version: Map Without State Names

If your child has previously spent time learning the names and locations of the states, and is ready for the challenge, then you might prefer a blank US map that does not have the state names written on it.

Easy Printing Instructions

To save time trying to figure out how to print, here are easy printing instructions:

  1. click on the link of the map you choose (I’ve included the links to both versions of maps above.)
  2. the map will open on the d-map website
  3. click on the .pdf button which is on the left near the top
  4. File – Print (or however you print on your device)

Printing the Multiplication Color by Number Worksheet

You can download the multiplication color by number worksheet completely free below.

After entering your email address, you’ll get instant access to the pdf, and it will be sent to your email.

There’s 2 pages, you only need to print the first page. The second page is the answer sheet.

More Fun Multiplication Worksheets

Here are some more fun multiplication worksheets, activities and resources:

For a really cool book that combines math with art, check out “Math Art and Drawing Games For Kids.” (affiliate link) It’s for the grade 3 to 7 range. It has 40+ art activities to teach math.

Thursday 18th of May 2023

Definitely will try this.


Wednesday 1st of February 2023

I think that this would be great to use with my students.