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Below you will find a growing collection of free printable spelling worksheets and activities for grade 2 students.

Grade 2 Spelling Activities

Here is an up to date list of the free printable word puzzles and worksheets that go along with these 2nd grade spelling words:

Week 1 – Back to School

Week 2 – ER, IR & OR (R Controlled Vowels)

Week 3 – Long E Sound (EE & EA words)

Week 5 – Math

Week 6 – Numbers

There are several number words worksheets:

  • matching number word to number in digits worksheet
  • word shape puzzle
  • word scramble and word search
  • word maze
  • crossword puzzle

Week 10 – Apples

Seven out of the ten words are also in these apple word puzzles.

Week 15 – Bread

Week 16 – AR & UR (Bossy R)

Week 17 – Disney Movies

There are two Disney movies word puzzles:

  • word shape puzzle
  • word scramble

Week 18 – Letters & Cards

Week 23 – Colors

Week 27 – Weather

Week 36 – Summer

Spelling Dictation Sentences & Lesson Plans

In the process of being created are sentences to dictate to children.  The sentences are made up of the weekly spelling words and words they have previously learned.  So far printable dictation sentences are available for:

A daily lesson plan for those weeks are also included in the above link.

You can see more 2nd grade spelling activities below.

Apple Crossword Puzzle for Kids

Here is a fun printable apple themed crossword puzzle for kids. It’s a perfect vocabulary and spelling activity for elementary students around 2nd or 3rd grade. The crossword puzzle is free to download and print. About This Crossword Puzzle All the words of the puzzle are related to apples. It would be a perfect activity for any apple …

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