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In The Sky Crossword Puzzle

Here is a fun printable crossword puzzle for kids. Its theme is things that are up in the sky.

It looks like a fun puzzle, and it is. But don’t tell the kids, it’s really a spelling and vocabulary worksheet in disguise.

The easy space crossword is free to download and print.

A black and white printable in the sky themed easy crossword puzzle for kids. The puzzle has 13 clues to solve. 7 of the clues are picture clues. There are pictures of a sun, plane, cloud, planet, rainbow, stars, and moon.

Kids who enjoy coloring can color the puzzle’s cute images. With a few crayons, they’ll be able to color the sun, moon, stars, rainbow, airplane, cloud, and planet.

Difficulty Level

The crossword’s difficulty level is easy. It’s meant for children around 2nd grade or kids around ages 7 or 8. 

It’s also a great vocabulary and spelling activity for 2nd graders. All 10 of the words from the sky themed 2nd grade spelling list are in the puzzle. The remaining words are previously learned 1st & 2nd grade spelling words.

The puzzle only has 13 clues for kids to solve, only 6 of them are word clues. The other 7 are picture clues, making it easy for kids to solve.

Printable Easy Space Crossword

You can download the easy space crossword puzzle below. It will also be emailed to you.

The PDF is free and includes an answer page.

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Answer Key

Here is the answer key for this easy space crossword:

The answer key for a printable "In The Sky" themed crossword puzzle.  The words across are: sky, planet, cloud, darkness, plane, and moon.  The words down are: day, sun, above, up, rainbow, night, and stars.

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Monday 11th of March 2024