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Solar Eclipse Worksheets

Grab these free printable solar eclipse worksheets for kids.

They’re a fun educational activity for kids just in time for the solar eclipse we will see on Monday, April 8th, 2024.

Difficulty Level

It’s ideal for elementary students, and kids of all ages.

Younger children (kindergarten or preschool) might not be able to do everything, but there are some easier sections that would be fun for them.

Fun and educational printable solar eclipse activity sheets for kids.

Solar Eclipse Activity Sheets

These worksheets are like placemat activity sheets. And they combine fun with learning.

Younger children will enjoy the:

A black and white printable solar eclipse activity sheet for kids.

For older children, there’s also:

  • a word search
  • labeling the Sun, Moon, and Earth on a solar eclipse diagram
  • labeling the phases of a total solar eclipse
  • fun facts
  • drawing lines to match each eclipse type (total, partial, annular, and hybrid) with its description
  • a word scramble
  • a coloring activity to distinguish between a solar and lunar eclipse
  • drawing the solar eclipse path in the United States
  • a question asking why we need to wear glasses during an eclipse
A full page printable solar eclipse activity for kids of all ages. There's a coloring activities, a word scramble, a connect the dots, tic tac toe, fun facts, a lunar eclipse vs solar eclipse coloring activity, and a spot or kids to draw the solar eclipse path.

Printable Solar Eclipse Worksheets

The printable solar eclipse worksheets for kids below can be sent to your email.

The 2 page PDF is free to download and print.

More Solar Eclipse Worksheets

Looking for some last-minute solar eclipse worksheets and ideas for kids? Here are some more solar eclipse and space worksheets for kids:


Monday 8th of April 2024

please send solar eclipse mat, thank you!