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A growing collection of free printable fill in word puzzles for kids.

What is a Fill In Puzzle?

A fill in puzzle is similar to a crossword puzzle, but instead of clues, the words are already given. The solver must work to fit in all the words in the puzzle.

How to Do a Fill In Puzzle

A 10 letter word can only fit in a spot for 10 letters.

But what if there’s more than one 10 letter word, which word do you use?

You have to choose the right word so that all the other words of the puzzle will still be able to fit in.

Steps to Solve a Fill In Puzzle

Here are the basic steps in solving this type of word puzzle:

  • pick an empty word box to try and figure out its word
  • count how many letters the word needs to be
  • count the letters of any word box that shares a letter with the word you’re trying to solve
  • observe whatever is common between the 2 intersecting words (which letter spot is going to be the same in each word)
    For example, “what 6 letter word’s 4th letter has the same letter as the first letter of an 8 letter word”
  • look at your word bank and figure out which words match that criteria
  • if there’s only one possible option, fill those words in the puzzle
  • if there’s more than one possible option, skip that word for now and move on to try and solve another word box

Benefits of Fill In Word Puzzles

Like most puzzles, a fill in puzzle is quite relaxing to do. But they also help kids to improve spelling, logical thinking and problem solving skills.

The fill in puzzles are all free to download and print. The downloadable pdf always includes an answer page.