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How to Download the Free Printables and FAQ

If you’re having trouble accessing any of the free printables, check this frequently asked question section to see if your question is answered.

If you have a question that is not answered on this page, please ask your question in the comments and I will do my best to answer. Chances are if you have a question, others do as well.

How Do I Print A Printable?

There are 2 ways to download a printable. Here’s a very thorough video where I explain those options.

Why Do I need to give my email address before printing a free printable?

There’s 2 reasons.

#1. The vast majority of the printables, I have chosen to give away at no cost. However, there is a lot of time, work, and expenses that go into creating the printables, and running and maintaining the website.

In order for me to continue creating and offering free printables, I do need to make some money to be able to cover my time and operating expenses.

One way I do this is through advertising revenue. I get advertising revenue when I have traffic on my site. And one of the ways I get traffic is through my email list.

So you get quality educational worksheets and homeschooling resources for free, and in exchange you give me your email address. This allows me to email you from time to time and let you know of other printables I’ve created or other homeschooling resources I think you might be interested in.

When you revisit my site because you’ve clicked on a link in an email I’ve sent, you’re getting quality educational worksheets, and I’m getting more traffic, which brings me advertising revenue. So it’s a win win for both of us.

Your email is not used for any other purpose. And I will not spam you. You’re also free to unsubscribe at any time with no hard feelings.

I want to download a printable but it won’t work.

I apologize for this and I know how frustrating that can be. In every case I’ve investigated, the server on the user’s end has blocked access. Most times it’s because the download was attempted at the user’s workplace, and that workplace restricted access.

My suggestion is to talk to your computer administrator if that’s possible to see if they can approve access. But probably an easier suggestion would be to try again at your home computer.

I sometimes get emails from readers requesting access. Many times I’ve tried to respond back and have even tried attaching the printable you’ve requested to my email back to you. However in most cases, I get an error message when I try replying back to you. The error message basically says your company has blocked access. So if you’ve sent me a request, and you’re reading this, please accept my apologies if you haven’t heard from me. I had no way of replying to your message.