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Grade 5 Spelling Words

Here are Grade 5 spelling words that use weekly themes to make spelling more enjoyable for kids.

A grade 5 spelling words pdf. 36 weeks of themed grade 5 spelling words. Dance, winter, birds, parties, and vegetables are some of the themes that help put the fun into 5th grade spelling.  Of the 540 words, 133 of them are Fry words. #spelling #grade5 #treevalleyacademy

Themed Spelling Lists

Themed spelling lists have a lot of benefits.

Possibly one of the most obvious is that it adds some fun and keeps things more interesting, each week being different than the previous.

When something is more fun, it naturally makes learning easier and kids are more motivated to learn the spellings.

There’s also the possibility of combining other activities to go along with a week’s theme.

For example, in grade 5, students usually learn about the water cycle in Science class. This would be a great time to study the “Water” theme words as they contain a lot of the vocabulary used when learning about the water cycle.

When we’re able to build connections to real life learning, it helps with spelling, because the words stop becoming just random words to learn to spell. Instead the words will have more meaning behind them as students are able to work with them in their context.

Weekly Spelling Themes

The grade 5 spelling words have 36 weekly themes. They are:

  1. Back to School
  2. Months
  3. Mixed Bag of Words
  4. Chores
  5. Vegetables
  6. Silent Consonants
  7. Neighborhood
  8. Human Body
  9. Birds
  10. History
  11. Numbers
  12. Music
  13. Loud & Quiet
  14. Fashion
  15. Winter
  16. Math
  17. Transportation
  18. Science
  19. Geography
  20. Multiplication & Division
  21. Europe
  22. Dance
  23. Medical
  24. Symbols
  25. Groceries
  26. Weather
  27. Computers
  28. It’s A Party
  29. Water
  30. Wedding
  31. Shapes
  32. Space
  33. Animals
  34. Jobs
  35. Fruit
  36. Vacation

About these Grade 5 Spelling Words

  • 36 weeks of words, 15 words per week
  • Of the 540 words, 133 of them are Fry words. 3 of the words are Dolch words.
  • By the end of fifth grade (having previously completed the spelling lists of grade 1 thru 4), your child will have learned the spellings of 898 Fry words + 1256 additional words for a total of 2154 words. 307 of the words learned will have been Dolch words.
  • all spelling lists are secular

The printable spelling lists of themed grade 5 spelling words can be downloaded below. It’s a free pdf.

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Friday 17th of September 2021

Wow wow I love this

Wednesday 15th of September 2021

Awesome list of words for my daughter!

Nazir Garba Zakaria

Saturday 10th of April 2021

Please can somebody help me with the PDF of the Spelling words? I can't download them. Thank you