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Geometric Shapes Word Puzzle

Here is a free printable shapes themed fill in word puzzle.

This word puzzle is a fun way for kids to work on learning the spelling of the names of various geometric shapes. This will come in handy for them when doing geometry in math class.

Challenge your upper elementary or older child to fit all the geometric shape words in the puzzle.

The puzzle is free to download and print. There are 2 versions to choose from: color or black and white.

A one page free printable geometry shapes fill in word puzzle.  The puzzle has 33 geometric shape words to fit in the puzzle.  The downloadable pdf has 2 versions to choose from: black and white or color.  Answers included.

Difficulty Level

This fill in word puzzle has 33 shape themed words that need to be fit into the puzzle. 

There are 4 letter words all the way up to 13 letter words. 

It’s probably most suited for ages 9 and up. 

This word puzzle would be the perfect spelling activity for students working on the shape themed 5th grade spelling list. All 15 of its words are included in this puzzle. The 12 words of the shape themed 3rd grade list are also included.

How To Do A Fill In Puzzle

A fill in puzzle is similar to a crossword puzzle except instead of being given a clue, the puzzle’s words are given from the start. The challenge is fitting all the given words into the puzzle. 

The words of the puzzle are organized based on the number of letters. 

A 7 letter word can only be written in a word box meant for 7 letters.

Geometric Shapes Vocabulary

This word puzzle is a good way for kids to improve geometry vocabulary.

There are words like geometry, shapes, and polygon. Words like heart, star, and crescent. There are 2D shapes, 3D shapes, and vocabulary related to triangles.

2D Shapes

  • circle
  • oval
  • ellipse
  • triangle
  • square
  • rectangle
  • rhombus
  • kite
  • quadrilateral
  • parallelogram
  • pentagon
  • hexagon
  • octagon
  • trapezoid

3D Shapes

  • cube
  • cone
  • sphere
  • cylinder
  • rectangular prism
  • triangular prism
  • pyramid

Triangle Vocabulary

  • acute
  • obtuse
  • equilateral
  • isosceles
  • scalene

Printable Shapes Fill In Word Puzzle

The shapes fill in puzzle can be downloaded free below. 

The pdf includes the one page puzzle in 2 printable options. There is a version with color, and a more economical black and white version. You can print whichever version you prefer. 

An answer page is also included.

Shapes Fill In Word Puzzle Answer Key

Here are the puzzle’s answers:

answer key for a geometric shape vocabulary word puzzle