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Free printable spelling words for elementary students in grades 1 to 6.

About These Spelling Words

The words are grouped into themed weekly lists.  A different theme each week makes learning to spell a little more fun for kids.  There are themes like:

  • fairy tales
  • apples
  • Disney movies
  • human body
  • pizza
  • weather
  • space
  • and more…

By the end of 6th grade, your student will have learned the spelling of 2732 words.  Nearly all of the 1000 Fry words and Dolch words are included.

The spelling lists are completely secular, so any words that are in any way religious were not used in these spelling lists.

The Fry words that are not included are: “God” and “church”.

The Dolch nouns that are not included are “Christmas” and “Santa Claus”.

Since everyone has different religious beliefs, teachers and homeschooling parents can add any religious words they feel are important to their student.

A pdf of the spelling lists per grade are free to download and print.  Find the grade you need below.

Spelling Worksheets

To go along with the spelling words, a variety of printable word puzzles that use the words of a weekly list are available for download, always free.

Not all the lists have puzzles yet, but more puzzles are being added all the time.

They add a fun way for kids to learn to spell their words.

Disney Themed Spelling Words

Add some fun to your child’s spelling learning with Disney themed spelling lists. Below you’ll find 3 weekly Disney spelling lists for 2nd, 3rd and 4th grade. You’ll also find any learning activities, word puzzles or worksheets that go along with each week. 2nd Grade Disney Spelling List Disney movies is the theme of week …

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