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Disney Themed Spelling Words

Add some fun to your child’s spelling learning with Disney themed spelling lists. Below you’ll find 3 weekly Disney spelling lists for 2nd, 3rd and 4th grade.

You’ll also find any learning activities, word puzzles or worksheets that go along with each week.

2nd Grade Disney Spelling List

Disney movies is the theme of week 17 of the Grade 2 Spelling Words list.

Here are this week’s Disney spelling words:

  1. lion
  2. king
  3. bug
  4. life
  5. bolt
  6. car
  7. hero
  8. fox
  9. hound
  10. plane

Disney Movies – Spelling Dictation

These spelling words along with previously learned words, allow for the dictation of 8 Disney movies:

  • The Lion King
  • A Bug’s Life
  • Bolt
  • Cars
  • Big Hero 6
  • The Fox and the Hound
  • Planes
  • Up

Skills to Learn This Week

As the movies are capitalized, this would be a good week to learn or review proper nouns. Also, it’s worth mentioning to your second graders how smaller words in the middle of a title are often lower case, like “and the” in “The Fox and the Hound.”

Making nouns plural would also be a good thing to review as both “Cars” and “Planes” have an “s” added to its singular form.

Also, as the movie “A Bug’s Life”, contains an apostrophe, it might be a good week to learn about the apostrophe.

Here is a youtube video I found that explains all about the apostrophe:

Review Words

To prepare them to be able to spell all 8 movies, you may wish to review these previously learned words from Grade 1:

Optional Disney Learning Activities

Here are some optional Disney themed learning ideas for those that wish:

3rd Grade Disney Spelling List

Another Disney movie themed spelling list in our 3rd grade spelling words.

The Disney spelling words of this week are:

  1. brave
  2. story
  3. great
  4. mouse
  5. detective
  6. dwarf
  7. sleep
  8. beauty
  9. beast
  10. high
  11. school
  12. musical

Disney Movies – Spelling Dictation

After learning the third grade Disney spelling words, there are 7 Disney movies you can dictate to your third graders. The Disney movies are:

  1. Brave
  2. Toy Story
  3. The Great Mouse Detective
  4. Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
  5. Sleeping Beauty
  6. Beauty and the Beast
  7. High School Musical

Review Words

Here are 4 previously learned words that you might wish to review with your child before the spelling dictation of the Disney movies:

  • toy
  • snow
  • white
  • seven

If needed, you can also review with them capitalization of proper nouns, and how smaller words such as “and” or “the” do not need to be capitalized in a title, unless it’s the first or last word.

4th Grade Disney Spelling List

The grade 4 weekly spelling words also have a Disney themed spelling list. The spelling words for this week are:

  1. inside
  2. monster
  3. university
  4. jungle
  5. inspector
  6. gadget
  7. incredible
  8. dinosaur
  9. frozen
  10. honey
  11. shrunk
  12. chicken
  13. tangled
  14. mermaid

Review Words

Before doing this week’s spelling dictation, you might choose to review the following previously learned words:

  • out
  • book
  • good
  • kids
  • little

You could also review:

  • capitalization of proper nouns and titles
  • that little words such as “the” do not need to be capitalized unless it’s the first or last word of a title

Disney Movies – Spelling Dictation

After learning this week’s spelling words, here are 11 Disney Movies you can dictate to your 4th grader:

  1. Inside Out
  2. Monsters University
  3. The Jungle Book
  4. Inspector Gadget
  5. The Incredibles
  6. The Good Dinosaur
  7. Frozen
  8. Honey, I Shrunk the Kids
  9. Chicken Little
  10. Tangled
  11. The Little Mermaid

Optional Disney Puzzles

To help practice these and other Disney spelling words, challenge your 4th grader or older student to these Disney movies cryptogram puzzles.

For more themed spelling lists, see these second grade, third grade, 4th grade, 5th grade, or 6th grade spelling words.