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Disney Movies Word Puzzles

Word puzzles are a great way for kids to work on spelling. Here are 2 printable Disney movies word puzzles: a word shapes puzzle, and a word scramble.

Both word puzzles use the words from the 2nd grade Disney themed spelling list. This gives kids several activities to learn their spelling words of the week.

Disney Word Shapes Puzzle

The first spelling activity to learn the Disney themed spelling words is a word shapes puzzle.

Kids will match each word from the list to the correct empty boxes based on the word’s shape. By doing so they will reveal the names of 8 popular Disney movies.

Not only will they be working on learning the spelling of the 2nd grade words, but they will also practice printing neatly.

Printable Disney movies word shapes puzzle for 2nd grade students.  Kids will match each word on the list to the boxes with the same shape as the word.  Once solved, kids will have written 8 popular Disney movies.  Free printable pdf with answers. #spelling #grade2 #wordpuzzles #homeschooling

Disney Word Scramble

After kids have had some exposure to their Disney themed spelling words, they might be ready to tackle this Disney movies word scramble.

Once they’ve unscrambled all 12 of the jumbled words, they will be able to solve the Disney movies riddle.

Free printable Disney movies word scramble for kids.  Kids will be able to work on a Disney themed 2nd grade spelling list with this printable word puzzle. Once jumbled words are unscrambled, the answer to a Disney movie riddle will be revealed. Pdf includes answer sheet. #disneymovies #wordscramble #homeschool #spellingactivity

Printable Disney Word Puzzles

Both of these printable word puzzles can be downloaded free below.

The 3 page pdf includes both Disney spelling activities and an answer sheet.

More Disney Word Puzzles

You can also try this Magic Kingdom themed crossword puzzle.

Need a Disney puzzle for a higher grade? Check out these printable Disney Movies cryptograms.


Here are the answers to these Disney movie word puzzles. An answer page can also be found in the PDF.

Disney Word Shape Puzzle Answers

The answers to a printable Disney movie word shape puzzle for kids.

Disney Movie Word Scramble Answers

  1. BIG
  2. HOUND
  3. LION
  4. CARS
  5. KING
  6. UP
  7. HERO
  8. BUG
  9. PLANE
  10. FOX
  11. LIFE
  12. BOLT

What sport do they play at Pride Rock?
(in the movie Lion King)