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Multiplication Worksheets

Free Multiplication Flashcards

Could you use some multiplication flashcards to help your child master their times tables? Here are some free downloadable and printable flashcards for multiplication. These printable multiplication flashcards have the answers on back, making it easy for your child when they need to practice by themselves. They are for the multiplication facts 0-12. You can …

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Color By Number of Africa Multiplication Activity

Here is a fun multiplication coloring activity for kids. It’s a color by number printable that combines math with geography. Kids will get to practice their multiplication facts, while learning the names and locations of countries in Africa. And all this learning comes in the form of a coloring activity. It combines Math with Geography …

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Multiplication Color By Number – United States

Looking for a multiplication color by number worksheet? How about a coloring activity where kids can brush up on some geography at the same time? I have for you a coloring worksheet that combines learning the states of the United States with practicing multiplication facts. How It Works There’s a .pdf that you can download …

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Apple Themed Multiplication Game

Do your kids like treasure hunts, secret codes, coloring and games? If they do, they might just enjoy these apple themed multiplication printables that include all of the above. Learning their multiplication tables is what all elementary aged kids are tasked with doing. But while they are learning them, we can add a little bit …

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Apple Skip Counting Worksheets

If your kids are beginning to work on their times tables, you might appreciate these apple themed skip counting worksheets. Learning how to count by 2’s or count by another number helps kids more easily learn their times tables. Essentially, when they are learning to count by a number, they are learning the answers of …

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