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Color By Number of Africa Multiplication Activity

Here is a fun multiplication coloring activity for kids. It’s a color by number printable that combines math with geography.

Kids will get to practice their multiplication facts, while learning the names and locations of countries in Africa. And all this learning comes in the form of a coloring activity.

It combines math with geography and art.

A multiplication coloring activity.  Kids will practice their multiplication while learning the names and locations of African countries. A color by number activity for kids that combines math, geography and art.    #mathart #multiplication #colorbynumber #geography #Africa #treevalleyacademy

Supplies Needed

Kids will need 3 things for this multiplication coloring activity:

  1. 10 colored pencil crayons
  2. the 1 page Africa multiplication color by number printable
  3. a printable map of Africa (with or without country names)

How This Coloring Activity Works

The downloadable color by number printable has a page with a list of 51 African countries.

Beside the name of each African country is a multiplication question.

For example, beside the country “Algeria”, you’ll find the question 9 X 5.

A part of an African themed multiplication color by number worksheet. There's a list of African countries and a multiplication question beside each country. There's also instructions and a color legend with answers to the multiplication questions.


First kids need to solve the multiplication problem.

If the child knows the answer, they look at the legend to see which color goes with the number. In this instance, they would see that the number 45 needs to be coloured dark green.


The next step is to find Algeria on a map of Africa.

Kids that are new to learning African geography can use a map with the country names on it.

And kids who are more familiar with African geography can have more of a challenge by having a map without the names of the countries.


Once they’ve located the country Algeria, they can color it dark green.

Answer Key

If they get all the multiplication questions correct, the African map will be coloured like this:

Printing Map of Africa

My go-to place for downloading printable maps for anything Geography related is at It’s free, so you can grab yourself a map there.

For easy reference, here are 2 possible maps:

If your child is a beginner with African geography, it might be best to print out a map of Africa that has the countries names on it.

But if your student already has experience with African geography and is ready for more of a challenge, then you might wish to print out a blank map of Africa that doesn’t have country names on it.

For easy printing instructions: click on the .pdf button which is on the left near the top of the d-map website. Then File – Print or however you print on your device.

Printable Color by Number Multiplication Worksheet

You can grab the freebie below!

After entering your email address, the 2 page .pdf will open.

You only need to print the first page. The second page is the answer sheet.

More Multiplication Worksheets

For more fun multiplication coloring activities, try this color by number of the United States or this free “Who Am I”? multiplication game.

To help your child practice their times tables, you can grab a copy of these printable multiplication flash cards.


Saturday 17th of June 2023

I would love to see more activities that don't involve coloring as my son is colorblind 🙁


Sunday 22nd of March 2020

I love this!! My husband is from the DRC and I love finding things for our children to do school that are about Africa!! Thanks!!