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Homeschooling curriculum, resources, and ideas for a grade 4 student.

Summer Crossword Puzzles For Kids

Here are some free printable summer crossword puzzles for kids. They are perfect for elementary aged students around 2nd to 4th grade. Older students around 6th grade can try this summer crossword puzzle. Crossword puzzles are a fun way for kids to work on vocabulary or to practice some spelling. Each of the printable puzzles …

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Book Themed Crossword Puzzle

Here is a free printable book themed crossword puzzle for kids. A crossword puzzle is a fun way to build vocabulary. This word puzzle is a perfect vocabulary and spelling activity for elementary students 4th grade older. There are 2 versions of the puzzle to choose from. There’s a version with and without a word bank. It is …

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Understanding the Weather Forecast for Kids

Here is a printable kid-friendly weather glossary that will make it easier to understand the weather forecast for kids. The 3 page pdf of weather terms for kids is free to download and print. I check the weather forecast on the internet daily. When trying to share the weather report with my daughter, I realized …

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Apple Themed Multiplication Game

Do your kids like treasure hunts, secret codes, coloring and games? If they do, they might just enjoy these apple themed multiplication worksheets that include all of the above. Learning their multiplication tables is what all elementary aged kids are tasked with doing. But while they are learning them, we can add a little bit …

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