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Weather Unit

A weather unit study for teachers and parents to teach kids about weather. Free printables, activities and resources for including in a weather unit for kids.

Weather Word Search 6th Grade

Give your students a challenge with this weather word search puzzle ideal for elementary students around 6th grade. Difficulty Level The majority of the words are grade 6 spelling words. This word puzzle has 15 hidden words for students to find and circle. The words can be found in any possible direction – forwards and …

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Understanding the Weather Forecast for Kids

I check the weather forecast on the internet daily. When trying to share the weather report with my daughter, I realized that there is a lot of terminology a Meteorologist uses, that my elementary aged child does not fully understand. That motivated me to create a 3 page kid-friendly weather glossary that will make it …

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Weather Forecast Crossword

This free printable weather forecast crossword puzzle will test the vocabulary skills of older elementary or middle school aged kids. This crossword puzzle for kids will challenge their understanding of terms a Weatherman uses in a weather report. The weather vocabulary practiced in this crossword puzzle are the terms the Weatherman uses when describing weather …

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