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Easy Weather Word Search

This easy weather word search would make a great addition to any weather unit.

A weather word search with 12 words for kids to find. The page has a sun, a rain cloud, a rain drop, and a wind cloud for kids to color.

Difficulty Level

It’s a beginner level puzzle, ideal for students in grade 1 or 2.

There are 12 weather themed words hidden in the puzzle for kids to find and circle. They are hidden in a 12 X 12 grid of large print letters.

The words can be found horizontally or vertically. None of the words are hidden diagonally.

The majority of the puzzle’s words are at a 2nd grade spelling level, most coming from the weather themed spelling list.

Coloring Activity

This weather word search for kids also has some pictures to color. Kids can color a picture of:

  • a sun
  • a rain cloud
  • a rain drop
  • a wind cloud
weather word search on background of rain in nature with a girl standing in puddle holding an umbrella

Printable Word Search

The free pdf comes with an answer sheet. This will make things easier for parents or teachers, if your student comes to you for help with finding a word.

The printable puzzle can be downloaded free below.

More Weather Word Puzzles

Here are some more weather word puzzles for older kids:

Weather Word Search Answer Key

If your child is having trouble finding a word, this color coded answer key will quickly show you where the hidden word is.

Once you know where the word is, you’ll be able to guide your child to help them find it. Perhaps give them a clue to help them narrow their search.

A weather word search answer key for a 2nd-grade easy-level puzzle. The puzzle has 12 hidden weather words in a 12 X 12 grid of uppercase letters.


Monday 20th of May 2024

Students really enjoyed it. Many thanks.


Thursday 28th of October 2021

Thank you for the word search, my students really enjoy doing them. I really like how their face glow when I bring them out.