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Water Cycle Word Search

Teachers and homeschooling parents can download a free copy of this printable water cycle word search for kids.

The word search is perfect for 5th grade students and older who are learning about the water cycle in science class.

The water cycle worksheet has 40 hidden words for kids to find. The words to find are grouped into the 4 steps of the water cycle and are shown as part of a water cycle diagram.

When all the words are found, the remaining letters will spell a mystery message.

Free printable water cycle word search.  There are lines above the 16 X 18 grid of letters for a mystery message.  The 40 words to find are shown below the grid of letters.  The words are grouped into the 4 stages of a water cycle.  They are shown as part of a diagram with arrows.  Image of a sun over the evaporation grouping.  A cloud over condensation words.  Rain drops over precipitation words.  And waves over collection words.

Difficulty Level

The skill level of this water cycle word search is between medium and difficult. 

There are 40 words hidden in a 16 X 18 grid of letters. 

The words can be found in every possible direction: forwards, backwards, upside down – horizontally, vertically and diagonally.

The puzzle is a perfect spelling activity for children working on the water themed 5th grade spelling list. 10 of the 15 words on the list are included in the puzzle.

Water Cycle Words

This activity sheet has 40 water cycle themed words. There are words like:

  • water
  • cycle
  • earth
  • weather
  • solid
  • ice
  • melt

The remaining words are grouped into the 4 stages of the water cycle.

There are evaporation words like:

  • sun, heat, evaporates, air, transpiration, vapour, steam, mist, gas

Condensation words such as:

  • clouds, droplets, atmosphere, dew, fog, liquid

Precipitation words:

  • rain, snow, hail, sleet, drizzle, freezing rain

And collection words:

  • lakes, oceans, river, runoff, stream, groundwater, aquifers, glacier

Mystery Message

This science word puzzle has 40 words for kids to find and circle.

Once all the words have been found, there will be 43 letters left over.

The remaining letters can be written on the lines provided at the top of the puzzle. It will reveal an educational mystery message about the water cycle.

The water cycle word search pdf can be downloaded free below.

The 2 page pdf includes an answer sheet.

The word puzzle is black and white to make it economical to print.

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Thursday 23rd of March 2023

as a 5th grade i love how this is a challenge


Sunday 21st of May 2023

@alizae, i tooootaly agree as a fort grade i loooove worrd sarch