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Apple Skip Counting Worksheets

If your kids are beginning to work on their times tables, you might appreciate these apple themed skip counting worksheets.

Apple themed skip counting worksheets. Kids can practice learning to count by 2's all the way to counting by 12's. #applemath #appleworksheets #skipcounting #multiplication #treevalleyacademy

Learning how to count by 2’s or count by another number helps kids more easily learn their times tables.

Essentially, when they are learning to count by a number, they are learning the answers of a times table. Later, it will be much easier to learn their multiplication facts, as they will just need to match the questions to their already learned answers.

How Can You Use These Skip Counting Worksheets?

The first skip counting worksheet deals with the numbers that are easier numbers for kids to learn. They can practice learning to count by 2’s, 3’s, 4’s, 5’s, 10’s and 11’s.

Later when they’ve mastered these numbers, they can progress to the 2nd skip counting printable. Here they can work on counting by 6’s, 7’s, 8’s, 9’s and 12’s.

Optional Multiplication Strategy Lesson

As an option, once kids have completed the first skip counting worksheet, have them color all the even numbered apples, one color, and all the odd numbered apples another color. And then ask them if they can notice any patterns.

I did this with my daughter and she was able to see the patterns right away. She got really excited when she did. And I was able to discuss it with her and help her discover her own multiplication strategy.

When kids have coloured the apples, they will see that all the even numbered times tables, have only even numbered answers. And all the odd numbered times tables, alternate between odd and even.

Taking this a step forward, my daughter was able to determine that:

  • an EVEN number times an EVEN number always equals an EVEN number
  • an ODD number times an ODD number always equals an ODD number
  • an EVEN number times an ODD number always equals an EVEN number

The odds are that the answer will be even! 🙂 Sorry couldn’t help myself.

When kids learn this strategy, it can help them with learning their multiplication tables.

Printable Skip Counting Worksheets

You can download these apple themed skip counting worksheets for your kiddo’s completely free below.

More Multiplication Worksheets

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