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Fruit Word Search

This difficult fruit word search is a fun way for kids to work on learning the spelling of the names of various fruits.

Challenge your upper elementary or older child to find all the hidden fruit words in this printable word search.

The puzzle is free to download and print. There are 2 versions to choose from: color or black and white.

Free printable fruit word search.  There are 24 hidden fruit names for kids to find and circle in a 19 X 20 grid of letters.  The one page printable puzzle has pictures of cherries, a plum, kiwi, apple, pear, mango, grapes and a pineapple. 2 printable options: a color version or a black and white version where kids can color the images if they wish.

Difficulty Level

This difficult word search printable would probably be best for 5th grade and older.

There are 24 words for the searcher to find and circle. They are hidden in a 20 X 19 grid of letters

The words can be found in every possible direction. Of course there are a few words hidden the way we read: forwards, horizontally. But to make it more challenging, many of the words are also hidden backwards or upside down – horizontally, vertically and diagonally. 

The majority of the words are between 3rd and 5th grade spelling words.

You can download a free printable copy of the fruit word search below.

The pdf includes the one page puzzle in 2 printable options. There is a version with color, and a black and white version that kids can color if they wish to. You can print whichever version you prefer. 

An answer sheet is also included.

More Fruit Word Puzzles

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Fruit Word Search Answer Key

The answers are included in the downloadable pdf. As another option, you can view the answer key for this difficult fruit word search below:

answer key for difficult fruit word search