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Apple Fill In Puzzles

Celebrate the autumn harvest with some fun apple word fill in puzzles for kids.

Fill in puzzles are not only a fun relaxing activity for kids, they’re also educational. These type of word puzzles help to improve spelling, vocabulary, logical thinking and reasoning skills.

There are 2 printable apple puzzles that you can download and print for free below.

Apple fill in puzzles for kids.  Two free printable word puzzles for kids.  The theme of one of the puzzles is words related to apple picking at an orchard. Another puzzle is focused on food and deserts that are made with apples, and also parts of an apple. Great for improving spelling and learning vocabulary of apple themed words.

A word fill in puzzle is similar to a crossword puzzle, only easier since there are no clues to solve and the answers are already given. The challenge is to fit all of the given words into the puzzle.

The apple themed words are grouped by the number of letters the word contains. So a 10 letter word can only be placed in a 10 letter word box.

Apple Picking Word Puzzle

The first apple fill in puzzle contains vocabulary used when picking apples at an orchard.

A free printable apple themed fill in puzzle for kids.  The 30 words of this word puzzle, are vocabulary that would be used when picking apples at an apple orchard.  There are 3 letter words all the way to 15 letter words.  Level of difficulty is perfect for 4th graders to 6th graders.  A fun fall coloring worksheet. Pdf with answers.

The puzzle contains 30 words ranging from 3 letter words, all the way to 15 letter words.

The words include:

  • 10 different varieties of apples
  • things you might see at an apple orchard like a ladder, trees, or a worm
  • units of measurement and containers to put the apples in like a bushel, bag, basket, pounds or peck

Apples & Apple Deserts Puzzle

This second puzzles focuses on the parts of an apple, and some of the yummy food and deserts that apples are best known for.

We have strudels and fritters, cobblers and crumbles, and everything in-between.

A free printable apple themed fill in puzzle for kids with 40 words for kids to fit in the puzzle.  Vocabulary includes parts of an apple, and lots of yummy apple deserts. A fun way for kids to improve spelling of apple themed words and learn new vocabulary. Words are between 3 and 11 letters long. Includes images to color and makes a fun fall activity. Perfect for 4th grade-6th grade.  Pdf includes answer page.

This apple fill in puzzle has 40 words for kids to fit in the available word boxes. The words are between 3 and 11 letters long.

Printable Apple Fill In Puzzles

Grab a copy of these downloadable apple themed fill in puzzles below. It’s a free printable. The pdf includes answer pages.

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