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Apple Themed Spelling Activities For Grade 3

If you’re looking for apple themed spelling activities for third grade, then you’ve come to the right place.

I created 8 pages of free printable apple themed spelling worksheets.  These printable activities are a fun way to add spelling to your child’s homeschool.

The Grade 3 apple themed spelling activities includes:

  • 2 crossword puzzles
  • 2 Scrabble Jr. inspired spelling games
  • a third grade word search puzzle
  • apple themed spelling activities

Apple Crossword Puzzles

There are 2 apple themed crossword puzzles.

They are a bit different than most crosswords:

  • Each word box is in a color with its clue in the same color.
  • Each puzzle only has 8 or 9 words to solve.
  • The completed puzzle can be used in a spelling game.

The puzzles are a great vocabulary and spelling activity of 3rd grade apple words.

    Apple Themed Spelling Games

    Once completed, they can also be used to play a fun game for additional spelling practice of apple themed words.  

    The game is inspired by Scrabble Jr. but somewhat different.

    Grade 3 apple themed spelling activities. 2 kid-friendly crossword puzzles, 2 spelling games, a word search and other spelling activities to practice the spellings of 17 third grade apple themed words. 8 pages of free printables.


    • 2+ players
    • Each player needs a copy of the same game card to play with.  (I usually use the one my daughter filled in and print off a pre-done version for her to use.)  Make sure to print these game cards at 100% (page scaling set to none).
    • The game was designed to fit scrabble tiles, so if you have a scrabble game at home, you can use those tiles.
    • Before playing the first time, you need to make sure you have all the letters needed to complete the game cards being played.  You or your child can use the scrabble letters to cover each space on each board being played.  There’s a good chance you will not have enough of certain letters.  To solve this, I set aside all the letters that were not used in the game (like X’s, Z’s, etc.)  Then I cut a couple of mailing labels (1 label gave me 8 sticky white pieces).  It was quite easy to peel and stick each piece on the back of these scrabble tiles and then write any letters needed.

    Rules of the game:

    • Each player begins with 7 letters.
    • Players take turns, and on their turn they can place any 2 letters of a single word on their game card.  On each turn, they can work on any word on their card.  They don’t need to complete a word before beginning another.
    • If a word only needs 1 letter to be completed, then they will just use 1 letter for their turn.
    • At the end of their turn, they pick up new letters to replace the ones they’ve used.  They should have 7 letters.
    • If a player doesn’t have the letters needed to play, then their turn is exchanging any 2 of their letters for another 2 from the pile.  They could also make the decision to completely change all their letters, and that will be their turn.
    • When the first person completes all their words, the game immediately ends.
    • The object of the game is have the highest amount of points at the end of the game.
    • The first player to complete a word gets a point value based on amount of letters of their word (i.e. 10 letter word = 10 points).  All other players that later complete that same word only get 2 points for completing the word.  The player to complete all their words gets 5 bonus points.

    Apple Word Search

    A word search puzzle provides further practice working with and learning the spellings of these 17 Grade 3 apple words.

    Apple themed third grade word search puzzle using 17 Grade 3 apple themed words. 8 pages of free printables for a third grade apple unit.

    Grade 3 Spelling Worksheets

    The printables contain 5 more days of additional spelling practice of these Grade 3 apple words.  Days 1 – 4 work on 13 words at a time.  Each word is practiced on 3 separate times / days.

    For each word, some of the letters are given and some are missing.  This allows them to work on sounding out each word and learn the letters of the missing sounds.  The words are to be dictated by the parent / teacher.

    The final day 5 includes all 17 words.  It serves as a spelling test as all the apples are blank.  

    Apple themed spelling activities for a third grader. Learning the spelling of 17 Grade 3 apple words.

    Our Experience Using This Spelling Lesson Plan

    I’ve been creating these types of printables lately for my daughters spelling sessions.   It’s been working well for us as it makes spelling a more enjoyable process for her.

    There’s a lot of practice to learn each word, and I personally like having a set lesson plan / curriculum so we know exactly each day’s plan.  For us it beats the “Here’s a list of words, learn it” type method.  This is generally what our spelling lesson plan looks like:

    Day 1 – complete both crossword puzzles

    Day 2 – we play the Scrabble Jr. inspired game together each using a different card than the other

    Day 3 – we play the game again but we each use the card we didn’t use the day before

    Day 4 – word search

    Day 5 – Apple words Day #1 (goes quick – only about 5 minutes)

    Day 6 – Apple words Day #2 (sometimes we’ll save 2 days by doing 1 days words in the morning, and another in the afternoon)

    Day 7 – Apple words Day #3

    Day 8 – Apple words Day #4

    Day 9 – Apple words Day #5 (serves as a spelling test)

    Day 10 – Apple word Day #5 (if she made any mistakes the day before we go over them and redo it the next day)

    Grade 3 Apple Themed Words

    There are 17 apple themed 3rd grade spelling words used in the puzzles, games and activities.  The words are:

    1. leaves
    2. juicy
    3. smooth
    4. rotten
    5. flower
    6. vitamin
    7. weigh
    8. buy
    9. sour
    10. sprout
    11. tart
    12. basket
    13. peeler
    14. applesauce
    15. pounds
    16. slices
    17. golden

    Printable Apple Word Puzzles

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    More Free Apple Worksheets

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