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Long E Word Search

Here is a free printable long E word search for kids.

The word search is ideal for kids in 2nd grade. That’s the grade kids learn that the vowels EE and EA make a long E sound.

The phonics worksheet can be downloaded free below.

Skill Level

This long E word search is an easy beginner level puzzle for early elementary kids, around 6 or 7 years old. 

The large print word puzzle has 20 long e sound words for kids to find and circle. They are hidden in a 12 X 14 grid of letters.

To make it easy for kids, the words are only hidden horizontally and vertically. There are no diagonal words.

The horizontal words are all forward facing, from left to right. The vertical words are in the direction easiest to read, from top to bottom. There are no backwards words.

Long E Words

The long E find a word puzzle has EA and EE words for kids to search for.

EA Words

There are 10 hidden EA words:

  1. beat
  2. each
  3. ear
  4. eat
  5. near
  6. reach
  7. real
  8. seat
  9. speak
  10. teach

EE Words

And 10 EE Words to find:

  1. deep
  2. feed
  3. feel
  4. keep
  5. seed
  6. seem
  7. seen
  8. sheep
  9. teeth
  10. tree

Download and Print

The long E vowel sound word search can be downloaded free below. The printable pdf includes an answer sheet.

Here is the link where you can find more free printable 2nd grade spelling word puzzles and worksheets.