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Letter E Sound Worksheets

The next letter in our letter sounds series is the letter E. You can download free printable letter E sound worksheets

Kindergarten and 1st grade students working on letter sound recognition will benefit from these letter E worksheets.


  • a beginning sound coloring worksheet
  • a phonics worksheet where kids need to identify the syllable(s) with a short E vowel sound

Letter E Beginning Sound Worksheet

The first page is a fun letter E coloring page. 

Kids will look at each image, sound out its word, and color the pictures that begin with an E sound: a short or a long E sound.  

A free printable letter E sound coloring worksheet for kindergarten. The black and white printable has 30 images for kids to sound out and color the images that begin with an E sound. 12 of the pictures start with a short E vowel sound, and 3 begin with a long E sound.

The vowel sound worksheet has 30 images representing various words.

There are 12 pictures with an initial sound of a short E and 3 with a long E sound.

Young learners only need some crayons to color the egg, elephant, and eagle.

Letter E Phonics Worksheet

Here’s another letter E vowel sound worksheet.

Short vowel sounds are the more trickier letter sounds to identify. But it’s an essential skill to master, especially since every word has at least one vowel.

The short E sound is also commonly heard in the R-controlled vowel sound ER.

This 1st grade phonics worksheet will give kids some extra practice recognizing the short E sound in a word.

A printable short E sound worksheet. There are 12 black and white images, and kids need to sound each word out and then identify which syllable(s) contains a short letter E sound. Kids will draw an X in the box(es) representing those syllables. There is a picture of a camel, basketball, pencil, blender, ketchup, hammer, wallet, helmet, necklace, hedgehog, sunflower, and mermaid.

The letter E worksheet has 12 images. For each picture, children will need to identify which syllable or syllables in each word contain a short letter E sound. 

For example: BAS KET BALL

After sounding the word out, kids will hear a short E sound in the 2nd or middle syllable. 

There are 3 boxes below the image of the basketball, each representing a syllable. In this example, kids would put an X in the second box.

Kids might find it helpful to lightly clap while saying each syllable.

Printable Letter E Sound Worksheets

The E sound worksheets can be downloaded for free below. 

The 3-page printable PDF includes an answer sheet to help teachers and homeschooling parents quickly check their children’s work.

More Letter E Worksheets

Here are some more fun letter E worksheets and activities:

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Answer Keys

For those who prefer the online version of the answer keys, here are the answers for both letter E sound worksheets:

Letter E Beginning Sound Worksheet Answer Key 

The answers for the beginning sound worksheet:

The answer key for a printable letter E beginning sound worksheet. It shows which of the 15 pictures should be colored: 12 that begin with a short letter E sound and 3 with a long E sound. Children should have colored the images showing an egg, elevator, echo, empty, elbow, eggplant, exercise, envelope, elephant, experiment, edge, and Eskimo. As well as an eclipse, eagle, and earring.

There are 15 pictures of letter E words that should have been colored: 12 that begin with a short E sound and 3 with a long E sound.

  1. egg
  2. elevator
  3. eclipse
  4. eagle
  5. echo
  6. empty
  7. elbow
  8. earring
  9. eggplant
  10. exercise
  11. envelope
  12. edge
  13. Eskimo
  14. experiment
  15. elephant

Letter E Phonics Worksheet Answer Key

The answer key for the letter E phonics worksheet:

A letter E short sound phonics worksheet answer key. It shows which syllables in 12 words contain a short letter E sound. Kids need to put X's in each box representing the syllables they hear an E sound. There should be an X in the last syllables of camel, hammer, wallet, and sunflower; the middle syllable in basketball; the 1st syllable in pencil, ketchup, necklace, hedgehog, and mermaid; and both syllables in blender and helmet.

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