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Back to School Fill In Puzzles

Here are some free printable back to school fill in puzzles for kids. They make a great first day of school activity.

Fill in puzzles are a type of word puzzle that will challenge students in a fun way. These were my favourite type of puzzles when I was a kid.

A printable back to school fill in puzzle for kids.  30 school words to fit in.  The words are 3 to 9 letter words.

It’s similar to a crossword puzzle, but instead of clues, the words are already given. The challenge is fitting all the words into the puzzle.

The words are grouped by the amount of letters they contain. So a 7 letter word can only be placed in a 7 letter spot, and all the words must be fit in.

The first puzzle has 30 school themed words that range in length from 3 letter words to 9 letter words.

Screenshot of a printable back to school fill in puzzle for kids.  32 school words to fit in.  The words are 3 to 11 letters long.

The second puzzle has 32 words for students to fill in with the shortest being 3 letters, and the longest being an 11 letter word.

When working on fill it in puzzles, the solver is keenly focused on the letters that make up each word, which makes it a fun way to work on spelling.

Printable Fill In Puzzles

With no prep needed, teachers and homeschooling parents can download these printable back to school activities below.

Both back to school fill in puzzles are free to download and print. The pdf includes answer pages.

More First Day of School Activities

Here are some more printable beginning of the school year activities:

If you prefer another fill in puzzle, check out these fall themed fill in puzzles.

screenshot of a back to school word search printable with 35 hidden school words to find
Difficult Back to School Word Search
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