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Hard C Soft C Word Search

Grab a copy of this printable hard c soft c word search.

It’s a fun phonics worksheet for 2nd graders learning the two sounds of the letter C.

The word puzzle is free to download and print.

A black and white printable hard c soft c word search.  There are 8 hard C words, 8 soft C words and 4 words with a hard and soft C, hidden in the 12 X 14 grid of large print letters.

Difficulty Level

The difficulty level is easy.

The word search is best suited for early elementary aged children in grade 2. 

The printable puzzle has 20 hidden hard c soft c words for kids to find and circle. 

The words are only hidden horizontally and vertically. None are diagonal.

All words are forwards facing, in the direction easiest to read. None of the words are upside down or backwards making it easier for children to find. 

The 20 words are hidden in a 12 X 14 large print grid of letters.

Most of the hidden words are grade 2 spelling words.

Hard C Words to Find

In 2nd grade children learn that the C has a hard sound if the vowel after the C is A, O, or U.

The word search has 8 hard C words for kids to find:

  1. because
  2. cake
  3. care
  4. color
  5. cook
  6. corn
  7. cow
  8. cry

Soft C Words to Find

Another phonics rule is that a C is soft if the vowel after it is E, I, or Y.

The printable puzzle has 8 hidden soft C words to find:

  1. cell
  2. cents
  3. cider
  4. city
  5. face
  6. nice
  7. place
  8. race

Hidden Hard & Soft C Words

The phonics word search has 4 hidden words with a hard and soft C:

  1. cancel
  2. circle
  3. circus
  4. concert

Download and Print

The free printable hard c soft c word search can be downloaded free below.

The pdf includes an answer page.

Answer Key

Here is a color coded answer key for this hard c soft c word search:

A color-coded answer key for an easy word search for 2nd grade. The hard c soft c word search has 8 hard c words, 8 soft c words, and 4 hard & soft c words to find in a 12 X 14 grid of uppercase letters.