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Family Members Fill In Word Puzzle

Here is a fun printable family themed fill in word puzzle.

The words of the puzzle are the names of family members. Words like nephew, niece, daughter, and grandparent.

It’s a fun spelling activity for kids. Challenge your upper elementary or older child to fit all the family words in the puzzle.

The puzzle is free to download and print.

There are 2 versions to choose from: color or black and white.

A one page free printable family themed fill in word puzzle. The puzzle has 29 words to fit in the puzzle. There are 3 letter words all the way up to 11 letter words. Images of 3 families decorate the page. There's a single parent family of a mom and a daughter, a 2 parent family with 2 kids, and a mom and dad with a baby and toddler. The downloadable pdf has 2 versions to choose from: black and white or color.  A child might enjoy coloring the black and white version.

Difficulty Level

This fill in word puzzle is probably most suited for ages 9 and up.

It has 29 family themed words that need to be fit into the puzzle. 

There are 3 letter words all the way up to 11 letter words.

It’s an easy intermediate level puzzle. It’s fun and not difficult, but there is some challenge since there are no number groups with only one word.

The word puzzle would be the perfect spelling activity for students working on the family themed 4th grade spelling list. All 14 of its words are included in this puzzle.

What Is A Fill In Puzzle?

fill in puzzle is similar to a crossword puzzle. The difference is there are no clues to solve with a fill it in puzzle. The words to fit in the puzzle are already given. 

The puzzle’s words are grouped by the amount of letters it has. The challenge of the word game puzzle is to fit all the given words into the available spots. An 7 letter word can only be put in a spot meant for 7 letters. Click here for more detailed steps on solving a fill in puzzle.

It’s a fun and relaxing type of puzzle that kids (or even adults) are sure to enjoy.

Printable Family Word Puzzle Pdf

The family members fill in word puzzle can be downloaded free below. 

The pdf includes the one page puzzle in 2 printable options. There is a version with color, and a more economical black and white version. You can print whichever version you prefer. 

An answer page is also included.

Family Fill In Word Puzzle Answer Key

Do you need the answer key? It’s included in the pdf but you can also see it here:

A family word fill-in puzzle answer key.