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Number Words Spelling List

Number words are one of the themes in our elementary spelling lists for grades 2 thru 5. You will find the number words spelling list for each of these grades below.

Grade 2 Number Words

The theme of week 6 of the Grade 2 Spelling Words list is Numbers. Here is the number words spelling list for 2nd grade:

  1. three
  2. four
  3. five
  4. six
  5. seven
  6. eight
  7. nine
  8. ten
  9. odd
  10. even

Optional Review Words

Here are optional review words, or words previously learned, that can be included as part of the numbers theme, if desired.

Grade 1 Review Words (Week 12)

  • one
  • two
  • number

Grade 2 Review Word (Week 5)

  • count

Numbers 1-10 Worksheets

To go along with this week’s words, here are printable number words 1-10 spelling worksheets.

Also, these free printable number worksheets go well with learning number words to ten. They include writing numbers in words and identifying odd and even numbers.

The lower number worksheets were designed with preschoolers in mind, so probably not every page will be applicable to your 2nd grader.

However, the first page of each of the lower number bond worksheets, focuses on the spelling of the number word. They can color the creative letters that make up the word, and either cut and paste or just write the letters that make up the word.

Grade 3 Number Words

Here is the number words spelling list for 3rd grade:

  1. eleven
  2. twelve
  3. thirteen
  4. fourteen
  5. fifteen
  6. sixteen
  7. seventeen
  8. eighteen
  9. nineteen
  10. twenty
  11. both
  12. whole

Numbers 11-20 Worksheets

You can download these five free printable worksheets to help kids learn to spell these number names 11-20. It includes:

  • word search
  • word scramble
  • word maze
  • word scramble
  • matching the number word to it’s digit 1-20

Grade 4 Number Words

Here is the 4th grade number words spelling list:

  1. zero
  2. thirty
  3. forty
  4. fifty
  5. sixty
  6. seventy
  7. eighty
  8. ninety
  9. hundred
  10. thousand
  11. thousands
  12. million
  13. digit
  14. integer

The theme of next week’s spelling words is “Art”.

See Grade 4 Spelling Words if you wish to download a .pdf of all 36 weeks of themed spelling words.

Grade 5 Number Words

Here is the number words spelling list for 5th grade:

  1. billion
  2. double
  3. dozen
  4. duplicate
  5. increase
  6. multiple
  7. negative
  8. none
  9. numeral
  10. positive
  11. quadruple
  12. several
  13. single
  14. triple
  15. twice

Next week’s theme is “Music”.

If you wish to download a free printable .pdf of all 36 themed spelling weeks, see Grade 5 Spelling Words.

Optional Numbers Activities

If you’re learning french here’s an optional numbers activity that would go well with this weeks numbers theme:

Numbers in French Lesson Plan (It has video’s and online activities for kids to learn numbers in french.)