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Number Bonds to 3

The theme of this math lesson is the number three (3).

This is part of a series of number bonds worksheets from 0 – 20.  To start at the beginning of this series you can go to the pre-lesson or the number zero.

Some of the Grade 1 Math skills included in this lesson are:

  • Writing Numbers In Words
  • Which number comes before or after?
  • Identifying Even and Odd Numbers
  • number bonds to 3
Number 3 kindergarten worksheets with a candy theme. Showing a black and white printable number 3 worksheet. The shape of the number 3 in digits and the letters of the number word three is made from liquorice that kids can color. There are 5 blank spots for kids to find and glue the correct letters that spell three. There are 5 spots for kids to practice tracing the number 3. And kids will be asked the numbers that come before and after 3.

Number Bonds of 3 Coloring Worksheet

A black and white printable number 3 worksheet for preschoolers. There are images of 6 dice and kids need to color the dice showing 3. There are also 5 hands, each showing a different amount of fingers. Children will be asked to color the hand that shows 3 fingers. There's a number 3 image for kids to color brown if even and red if odd. There's also a visual aid showing the number bonds that make 3. Then children will practice by answering out loud addition questions that equal 3.

Preschool Number 3 Worksheet

A black and white printable number 3 worksheet for preschoolers. There are 4 addition questions with 2 different groups totalling 3 candies. There are 2 spots to trace the number word three. And a ten frame with 3 circles for kids to color.

Printable Number 3 Worksheets

You can download the free printable number 3 kindergarten worksheets below.

The 4 page pdf includes a page with letters that your child can use for the first page.

Finished the number 3 worksheets? Here are the printable number pairs of 4 worksheets.


Wednesday 7th of January 2015

We love great printable resources! I'm stopping by from the weekly Kids Co-op. Sharing on pinterest! Jen :)


Tuesday 30th of December 2014

This will be perfect for my little guy! Thanks for sharing!