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Number Bonds to 3

The theme of this math lesson is the number three (3).

This is part of a series of number bonds worksheets from 0 – 20.  To start at the beginning of this series you can go to the pre-lesson or the number zero.

Some of the Grade 1 Math skills included in this lesson are:

  • Writing Numbers In Words
  • Which number comes before or after?
  • Identifying Even and Odd Numbers
  • number bonds to 3
Fun Free Printables to learn Grade 1 Math skills like number bonds that add up to the number 3.
number bonds of three, dice, counting fingers, even or odd
free math printable: tracing three, number bonds of three, 3 in 10 frame

You can download the worksheets free below:

There will be no mental math this week as we will really be diving into it next week with the number four.


Wednesday 7th of January 2015

We love great printable resources! I'm stopping by from the weekly Kids Co-op. Sharing on pinterest! Jen :)


Tuesday 30th of December 2014

This will be perfect for my little guy! Thanks for sharing!