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Number Bonds of 2 Worksheets

The theme of this math lesson is the number 2.  If you wish to start at the beginning, you can go to the pre-lesson or the number zero.

The Grade 1 Math skills included in this lesson are:

  • Writing Numbers In Words
  • Which number comes before or after?
  • Counting by 2’s up to 100
  • Identifying Even and Odd Numbers
  • Ways to Make a Number Using Addition

Number 2 Worksheets

Number 2 kindergarten worksheets. Printables are black and white and have a fruit and vegetable theme. Children will color images of an apple core, green onion, peas, and blueberries that are in the shape of the letters that make the number word two. There's also a pepper, mushroom, and parsnip to color that form the number 2 in digits. Children will also be given the letters O, W, & T to unscramble and paste in the correct order. There's 5 spots to trace the number 2 with another spot for kids to write a 2 independently. And there are 3 apples side by side where kids can write the numbers that come before and after the number 2.

Number Bonds of 2 Coloring Worksheet

A black and white printable number 2 worksheet for preschoolers. There are images of 6 dice and kids need to color the dice showing 2. There are also 5 hands, each showing a different amount of fingers. Children will be asked to color the hand that shows 2 fingers. There's a number 2 image for kids to color yellow if even and purple if odd. There's also a visual aid showing the number pairs that make 2. Then kids will practice by answering out loud addition questions that equal 2.

Skip Counting by 2 Worksheet

Black and white printable number 2 worksheet. There's a 100's chart where kids will skip count by 2 by coloring every second square. Kids will be asked to color 2 pears each a different color. Then to color 2 pineapples the same color. Then they will need to draw lines from the images to the addition sentences 1+1=2 and 2+0=2. And there are 3 spots where kids will practice tracing the number word two.

Printable Number 2 Worksheets

The printable number 2 kindergarten worksheets can be downloaded below. It’s free.

The 4 page pdf includes a page with letters that your child can use for the first page.

Finished the number 2 worksheets and ready for number 3? Here are the number bonds of 3 worksheets.


Tuesday 21st of April 2020

I'd like to download these worksheets, but I don't see a download option anywhere like on the previous number worksheets. Am I missing something?

Melanie Thomas

Thursday 23rd of April 2020

Hi Ash, thank you for letting me know. About a week ago I updated something on the site. I didn't realize until you mentioned it, but the update made certain download links disappear. Ahh computers lol. Anyways, they're back up now. Thanks again for making me aware of this. :)