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Number Words 1-10 Spelling Worksheets for Kids

Here are some free printable spelling activities to help your students learn to spell the number words 1-10. Each numbers in words worksheet can be downloaded below.

These spelling activities are the perfect complement to the numbers themed 2nd grade spelling list.

Reading Number Names 1-10

Before we can work on learning to spell the number words, we need to be able to read them.

Here is a numbers in words worksheet where the student can draw lines to match each number from 1 to 10, with its number word.

A free printable numbers in words worksheet for Kindergarten, 1st grade or 2nd grade students.  The middle column has the number words 1 thru 10.  The left column has the number digits 1, 9, 3, 6 & 10.  The right column has the number digits 4, 8, 7, 2 & 5.  Children need to draw lines to connect each number digit to its number word.  The number digits are worm themed and can be coloured by kids if desired.

To make it fun, the number digits have a worm theme. Kids can color the worm numbers if they like.

This would also be a good worksheet for 1st grade or Kindergarten students.

Want to continue the worm theme? Combine this worksheet with these worm themed number bonds to 15 worksheets.

Word Shapes Puzzle

I created these spelling worksheets to go along with the second grade number themed spelling list.

The numbers 1 and 2 are 1st grade spelling words, but I like to include them this week as a review. There are 2 other words on the 2nd grade spelling list: odd & even.

This word shape puzzle will have the kids write all the words of the spelling list, in a more fun way than just writing them out.

A free printable word shape puzzle that uses the number words from one to ten.  Kids will need to write out the number words in a word box that matches the shape of the word. Afterwards they will color word boxes with silent consonants yellow; a trigraph THR light blue; a long I sound pink; and a short E sound light green.

They will write out each of the number words from one to ten in a word box that matches the shape of the word.

Next, students working on the spelling list will be asked to write “odd” on each line below word boxes with an odd number, and even, under even numbers.

This will have them writing all the words of the spelling list.

And lastly, to work a bit on phonics, kids will be asked to color word boxes that contain a number word with a:

  • silent consonant (yellow)
  • trigraph THR (light blue)
  • long I sound (pink)
  • short E sound (light green)

Click the link for more word shape puzzles for kids.

Word Scramble & Word Search

Here’s another printable worksheet on writing numbers in words. It’s both a word scramble and a word search.

A free printable numbers word scramble & numbers word search for kids of the number words from 1-10.

It will help kids learn to spell the number words, since they will be working with the individual letters of each number word.

Word Scramble

To begin they will have to unscramble the jumbled number names, and write the number words.

Word Search

And then for more practice, they can hunt for the hidden number words in the word search. The words they write out will be the word list for the word search.

There will be 10 words for kids to find and circle.

Word Maze

A word maze is the next spelling printable.

Kids will need to bring the acorn through the maze to the waiting chipmunk.

A free printable word maze of the number words 1 to 10.  A word puzzle to help kids learn the spelling of numbers one to ten.  Kids will draw lines of the path through the maze from an acorn at the beginning to a waiting chipmunk at the end of the maze. The path will be the letters that spell the numbers one to ten in order, 3 separate times.

To get through the maze, kids need to draw a path through the letters that spell the number words of 1 to 10, in order, 3 separate times. That will make for a lot of practice, and hopefully they have fun while doing it.

They can travel horizontally & vertically through the maze, but not diagonally.

Number Words 1-10 Crossword Puzzle

The last spelling worksheet is in the form of a crossword puzzle.

A free printable numbers 1-10 crossword puzzle for kids. The number digits are the clues.  And kids need to write the number in words.

The clues will give kids the number in the form of its digit. There are 5 numbers across and 5 down.

Kids will get to test their spelling skills and write each number in words.

A crossword is more fun than just asking the child to write the number words on a paper, and also gives the child a little help. The puzzle shows how many letters a number word has, and as they fill in some of the words, they will automatically be given some of the letters for the other number words to spell.

Lesson Plan for 2nd Grade Spelling List

I created these spelling worksheets to go along with the second grade number themed spelling list. There are 5 worksheets.

If you do a little spelling each day for 5 days, then there is one worksheet per day. And on the 5th and final day, you could add a spelling dictation if desired.

Number Words 1-10 Worksheets Pdf

The number words worksheets for helping students learn to spell the number words 1-10 can be downloaded free below.

The pdf includes answers to make things easier for teachers or homeschooling parents.

For more fun number worksheets choose a number to work on with these number bonds printables. Great for younger children (preschool, Kindergarten) to 2nd grade.

If your student has learned to spell the numbers 1 to 10 and is ready for the next set of numbers, I’ve got you covered. You can also download free printable number words 11-20 worksheets.

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