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Number Bonds to 15 Free Math Worksheets

The next number in our number study for kids is the number 15.  You will find free printable number 15 worksheets, which includes number bonds worksheets. Every number bonds to 15 worksheet can be downloaded below.

I had a lot of fun creating these apple, worm, and cherry themed printables.  Hope your child has fun with it.

Number 15 Worksheets

Free math printables for Kindergarten and Grade 1. The number 15: addition, subtraction, number bonds, place value, writing fifteen in words, and more.
A black and white printable number 15 worksheet. In this 1st grade math worksheet, kids will color ten frames to show how many tens and ones make up 15. They will also trace the number 15 in digits and words. There's a before and after section, and another section for kids to color a number 15 red if the number is even and blue if it's odd. Another math question shows a group of 8 apples with worms plus another group of 7. Kids will color a total of 10 wormy apples, the first group of 8 plus however many they will need to color in the group of 7 to make a total of 10.

Addition & Subtraction Worksheets with the Number 15

Free Math Printable. Addition and subtraction. Learning to subtract with number lines and using our fingers. Addition with ten frames.
Free math printables for Kindergarten and Grade 1. Number study of 15. Learning number bonds, column addition and subtraction.

Number Bonds to 15 Worksheet

A black and white printable number bonds of 15 math worksheet. The worksheet has images of 15 pairs of cherries. Each pair is joined together with steps and 2 leaves at the top. The number 15 is written between each pair of cherry stems. For each pair of cherries, there is a number between 0 and 15 in one of the cherries, and no number in the other cherry. Kids need to fill in the missing number bonds of 15. They can also color the cherries and leaves.

Printable Number 15 Worksheets

All 5 pages of number 15 worksheets can be downloaded free below.

The pdf includes an additional page with the letters for the cut and paste activity on the first page. Your child can use them to spell fifteen.

To begin at the beginning of this series, go to the pre-lesson or the number zero.

Next in our number bonds series are free printables for the number 16.