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Number Bonds to 14 Free Math Worksheets

We’ve reached the number 14 in our number bonds worksheets math series where learning math is fun, and we are learning.  This week our focus is on learning the number bonds to 14.

Number 14 Worksheets

Free math printables for Kindergarten and Grade 1. The number 14: addition, subtraction, number bonds, place value, writing fourteen in words, and more.

To begin at the beginning of this series, go to the pre-lesson or the number zero.

A black and white printable number 14 worksheet. The 1st grade math worksheet requires minimal writing. Kids will color, trace, and circle groups. The 14 worksheet has a spot with ten frames, tracing the number word fourteen, an odd or even and before and after section. It also has a question that asks kids to divide 14 french fries in half by circling 2 groups with the same amount of french fries in each group. Then kids will count the fries in each group and write an addition question that equals 14.

2 Column Addition & Subtraction Worksheet

A black and white printable 2 column addition & subtraction 1st grade math worksheet. It has 8 adding questions and 8 subtracting questions. Each digit has a box around it and the words "tens" and "ones" are written above each question.

Fact Families of 14 Worksheet

A black and white printable number bonds of 14 first grade math worksheet. The first question has a group of 8 watermelons plus another group of 6 watermelons. Children are asked to color the 1st group of 8 watermelons. How many watermelons from the 2nd group do you need to color to make a group of 10? The second question shows 14 donuts in 2 ten frames. Kids are asked to color the donuts using 2 different crayons to show that 9+5=14 with ten frames. The next 2 questions give kids number lines to answer an addition & subtraction question where the total is 14. The last question teaches kids how to use their fingers to subtract a number from 14.

Bonds of 14 Worksheet

A black and white printable number bonds of 14 1st grade math worksheet. There are 14 math questions. In each question, kids are given 2 numbers in a bond, and they need to fill in the missing number. There are 3 questions in the images of ice cubes that are in glasses with carbonated drinks, 4 questions in images of Swiss cheese, 3 in images of steaming hot bowls with lids, and 4 questions in images of ice cream balls in fancy bowls. Kids can color the pictures if they choose.
1st grade number bonds of 14 worksheet

Printable Number Bonds of 14 Worksheets

The number 14 worksheets can be downloaded below. It’s free.

The pdf has 5 worksheets and an additional page with the letters needed for the cut and paste activity on the 1st page.

I hope your child is enjoying their math.  Come back next week as we begin learning the number bonds to 15.

Judy @ Contented at Home

Monday 20th of April 2015

Just pinned this - thank you for sharing your printables! :-)


Monday 20th of April 2015

Your welcome Judy, and thank you for pinning. :)