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Number Bonds to 13 Free Math Worksheets

We’re at the number 13 in our number bonds worksheets series.  One major focus of these free math worksheets is learning the number bonds to 13.

It’s not about memorization, but about learning methods to solve addition or subtraction questions. Then with frequent practice, memorization should gradually and naturally happen.

Learning place value, column addition, working with ten frames, number lines, grouping numbers into tens, decomposing numbers, and using our fingers to help add or subtract, are just some of the skills that will help a child be able to answer their math questions.

My goal with creating these printables is to make learning and practicing these skills as uncomplicated as possible, while still learning solid math skills.

Number 13 Worksheets

Free math printables for Kindergarten and Grade 1. The number 13: addition, subtraction, number bonds, place value, writing thirteen in words, and more.

To begin at the beginning of this series, go to the pre-lesson or the number zero.

Kids will work on learning to spell 13 with these printables.

To work on learning to spell different numbers, see our number themed spelling lists for grades 2, 3, 4 & 5.

Free math printables for Kindergarten or Grade 1. A number study of 13, before and after, ten frames, odd or even, tracing thirteen, and learning to group by tens when adding.

Fact Families of 13: Addition & Subtraction

Free math printables for Kindergarten and Grade 1. Number study of 13. Learning number bonds, column addition, and addition with ten frames.
Subtracting from 13, free math printable. Learning to subtract with number lines and using our fingers.

Number Bonds to 13 Worksheet

Free math printable, number bonds of 13.

Printable Number Bonds of 13 Worksheets

You can download these number 13 worksheets below.

The 6 page pdf contains 5 printable worksheets and a page with the letters needed to spell thirteen.

The next free math printables in our series is to learn the number bonds to fourteen.

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