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Number Words 11-20 Worksheets

Here are number words 11-20 worksheets to help children work on learning to spell these numbers.

These print and go spelling activities are free to download, and can be downloaded below.

There’s a number names 1 to 20 worksheet that will have kids match the number words 1-20 to its number written in digits.

There’s also a printable word search, word maze, crossword puzzle, and word scramble with the number names 11-20.

Here is the link if you want to start with the numbers 1-10 worksheets.

Number Names 1 to 20 Worksheet

Before children can learn to spell the number names, they must first be able to read them.

This first number words worksheet 1-20 will have kids matching the number word to its number in digits.

A free printable matching numbers to words worksheet for the numbers 1-20.  There are images of 20 dogs, each with a number name written on them.  There are also 20 balls with a number from 1-20 written on each.  Kids need to draw lines to match each dog with its ball.  Pdf includes answers.

The printable has 20 dogs each with a number word written on it. Kids will draw lines to connect each dog to its ball. Each ball has a number from 1 to 20.

Number Word Search 11-20

A word search puzzle is a fun way to start our spelling lesson. It will have kids focused on the individual letters that make up each word.

This number words word search has 10 hidden words for kids to find and circle. The hidden words are the number words from eleven to twenty.

A free printable numbers word search for kids of the number words from 11-20.  There are 10 number words hidden in all directions for kids to find.  Pdf with answers.

The words can be found in all possible directions: horizontally, vertically, diagonally, forwards, backwards, and upside down.

Spelling Maze Worksheet

Next we have this printable word maze worksheet.

A free printable word maze of the number words 11 to 20.  A word puzzle to help kids learn the spelling of numbers eleven to twenty.  Kids will draw lines of the path through the maze from a bone at the beginning to a waiting hungry dog at the end of the maze. The path will be the letters that spell the numbers eleven to twenty, in order.

In this puzzle, kids will practice spelling the number words 11 to 20.

There’s a hungry dog waiting at the end of the maze. Kids are asked to bring the bone through the maze to the dog.

To get through the word maze, kids will need to draw a line through the letters that spell the number words eleven to twenty.

Kids can travel horizontally and vertically but not diagonally.

Unscramble Number Names Worksheet

The next printable is a word scramble. It will have kids writing the number words from 11 to 20.

A free printable numbers word scramble for kids of the number words from 11-20.

This is a perfect activity for kids to work on learning to spell these number words.

The letters of each number word are given, but they are all jumbled up. Kids will need to unscramble each of the words.

Numbers 11-20 Crossword Puzzle

And finally as a fun way to practice spelling the numbers 11-20 in words, kids can do this number names crossword puzzle.

A free printable numbers 11-20 crossword puzzle for kids. The number digits are the clues.  And kids need to write the number in words.

The numbers 11 through 20 are the clues of this crossword puzzle. Kids will need to write the number word that corresponds to the number in digits.

For example, the clue for 7 across is “12”. Kids will need to remember how to spell this number and write “TWELVE” in the correct boxes of the puzzle.

Printable Number Words 11-20 Worksheets

The number words 11-20 worksheets can be downloaded below. It’s free. The pdf contains 5 printable activity pages.

Answers are also included to make life easier for teachers and homeschooling parents.

These number words 11-20 spelling worksheets would be the perfect activity for primary school students working on the number themed third grade spelling list.

Click here if you would like more free printable word puzzles for elementary aged kids.

Answer Keys

Here are the answer keys for these printable number words worksheets 11-20:

Matching Numbers to Words Worksheet Answers

This answer key is color-coded to make it visually easier to see which ball belongs to each dog.

The answer key for a matching numbers to words 1-20 worksheet.

Number Words 11-20 Word Search Answers

The answer key for the word search is also color-coded.

The color-coded answer key to a printable numbers 11-20 word search puzzle. The 10 number words from eleven to twenty are hidden in a 15 X 16 grid of uppercase letters.

Word Maze Answers

The answer key of a word maze spelling activity.

Word Scramble Answers


Number Names 11-20 Crossword Answers

Answer key for a printable number names 11-20 crossword puzzle for kids. The words across are eighteen, fifteen, twelve, fourteen, nineteen, and sixteen. The words down are eleven, twenty, seventeen, and thirteen.