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Easy Math Word Search

Here is a free printable easy math word search for kids.

The difficulty level of this kids word search is easy. It is best suited for elementary students in grades 1 or 2.

An easy math word search for kids.  There are 15 hidden words for kids to find and circle.  A beginner level word search puzzle ideal for children in grades 1 or 2.  A colourful image of a boy counting on an abacus decorates the page.  Pdf includes answer key.

About This Word Search

There are 15 words for children to seek, find and circle.

Since this is a beginner level word puzzle, the words are hidden horizontally and vertically. There are no diagonal words.

The horizontal words will be found in the direction we read, from left to right. And the vertical words are also easier to find as they can all be read from top to bottom.

Math Words of the Puzzle

The words of the puzzle are 2nd grade spelling words. They are beginner math terms kids will frequently use. Words like:

  • math
  • number
  • count
  • odd
  • even
  • more
  • less

Addition vocabulary like: add, plus, sum, and total.

Subtraction words like: subtract, and minus.

And measurement words like: wide and long.

Printable Math Word Search

Your child will only need a pencil and a print out of the word search.

You can download a free printable copy of the math word search below. The pdf includes an answer page.

More Math Word Puzzles

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Answer Key

Here is a color coded answer key for this math terms word search puzzle:

A color coded answer key for a printable easy math word search puzzle.


Tuesday 25th of May 2021

Very easy to print from

Tuesday 5th of October 2021

very easy to print my kids love math they do it everyday