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Safari Animals Word Scramble

If you’re learning about animals, doing a unit study on Africa, or planning a trip to the zoo, you’ll love this safari animals word scramble for kids.

A printable safari animals word scramble for kids with 10 jumbled animal words to unscramble. After unscrambling the animal words, select letters of the unscrambled words will also need to be unscrambled. This will reveal the answer to a kid's riddle: "Which animal do the other safari animals not like to play games with?"

A word scramble is another way for kids to work on spelling.

All the letters of each word is there. And they need to play with different letter combinations and sounds to first try and figure out what the word is, and then spell it correctly.

The Jumbled Words

This word scramble has 10 jumbled words. The words are all wildlife that lives in Africa.

Wild animals that live in the grasslands of the African savanna:

  1. elephant
  2. zebra
  3. lion
  4. hyena
  5. giraffe
  6. cheetah

Animals that live in the African rainforest:

  1. monkey
  2. gorilla

Wildlife in the Sahara Desert in northern Africa:

  1. camel

And south of the Sahara:

  1. hippopotamus

Difficulty Level

All commonly known animals. Nothing too difficult except perhaps the hippopotamus will prove to be a challenge.

Most of these animals are part of the 4th grade Africa spelling list. So this word scramble would be a fun worksheet to work on these spelling words.

The difficulty level of this puzzle would probably be most suited for kids 4th grade and older.

a printable safari animals word scramble for kids, on an African savanna background with the silhouettes of elephants at sunrise

Word Scramble Riddle

After unscrambling all 10 African animals, there is a bonus activity to add some fun.

The 7 letters inside the circles contain a bonus word to unscramble.

Once kids figure out that jumbled word, it will give them the answer to the funny riddle: “Which animal do other safari animals not like to play games with?”

Download Printable Animal Word Scramble

You can print your child a copy of this animal safari word scramble. The pdf is free to download. An answer sheet is included.

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If you’re learning about Africa or safari animals, you can supplement with one of these fun activities:

This puzzle is part of the printable word puzzles for kids series. Be sure to check out all the fun puzzles.

Animal Word Scramble Answers

Here is the answer key to this African animals word scramble. The answers are also included in the downloadable pdf.

  • LION


Which animal do the other safari animals not like to play games with?: the CHEETAH‘s


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